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Target_is_New - Issue #146

Welcome to the summer! We just skipped spring here in the Netherlands but luckily summer looks promising for now ;-) As every week, thanks for being a subscriber. For the new people, I will share here some reflections on last week, both on the work related to Cities of Things and events that I visited, or other tech/society related news, and by collecting some -in my opinion- interesting reads. A couple of months ago I also started a monthly newsletter on Cities of Things to dive a bit deeper into one topic, triggered by one or more of the articles I captured in these weeknotes. The May edition was published yesterday and is about communities of collaborative AICheck it out here.
As expected didn’t I have all the time needed for STRP, FFWD, IFFR, DTW (they missed the memo for four-letter-abbreviations). I was able to check the expo op STRP for a glance. It was a mix of registrations of art installations that worked less in an online setting, specific art compositions like the dancing act of Liam Young I really liked, and some interactive installations. I hope the expo will be online for a bit more so I can check some more works… From the Global Foresight Summit FFWD I saw the presentation about Futurium in Berlin, an interesting place that is definitely worth a visit next time I am in Berlin, and I will dive a bit deeper into their SenseBox (for ThingsCon?).
The coming week is less packed with events, as far as I captured them, so I might improve my score. I will follow one or two lectures at the LOCDI (Low Carbon Design Institute) week. On Wednesday Rachel Jones and on Friday Ugo Vallauri (due to my calendar). The ‘Internet(s) of Everything’-session last time, was very nice. I will not make it this time but check it out here. If you are into the tensions of social justice and digital economies, this might an insightful webinar series. And tonite WWDC will present the newest gizmos of Apple and hinting directions for the future in the new iOS’s. Spatial is the new black (and that is about more than audio I expect). Will it be the last fully online produced version?
Enough for now, let’s dive into the news of last week.

Robots looking for destiny
This robot is an autonomous product designed for enhancing digital interactions like a modern R2-D2!
Researchers develop prototype of robotic device to pick, trim button mushrooms
Roxo: FedEx's SameDay Delivery Bot
New interactions, new life
Something Bothering You? Tell It to Woebot.
A Video Game That Looks Like Reality! 🌴
Engineers create a programmable fiber | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
'filter city' proposes hybrid urban prototype for a pandemic future in singapore
CAPS 2.0 is an air purification system that reduces pollution and kills viruses
And further
How Japanese Technology Shaped Dance Music
04 - Communities of collaborative AI - Cities of Things
Thanks for reading, see you next week!
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Iskander Smit
Iskander Smit @iskandr

I am working @Infonl as innovation director, also blogger, co-organising @ThingsCon & Behavior Design AMS meetup #bdams
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