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Target_is_New - Issue #141

Target_is_New - Issue #141
By Iskander Smit • Issue #141 • View online
Welcome to another weekly update. If you happen to have landed here from a link or search, consider subscribing and receive this as an email weekly…
Last week’s work consists of the usual mix of work on the Delft Design Lab Cities of Things with supervising the five graduation students. Jim has had his greenlight on Thursday, so he has now entered his last phase in designing “an AI assistant supporting balance between work and personal activities to increase wellbeing in the home office”. Peicheng had a successful midterm meeting (“Towards an active predictive relation by hacking study of vacuum robot”).
Not much time to attend events last week. Primavera De Filippi did an interesting talk on “Self-sovereign identity in a globalized world.” The aspect of having credential-based identity systems as a driver for economic inclusion was nicely illustrated with Kiva. A great case of how different asset and money systems are combined.

And she explained the UBI tokens benefits (see;
I have no conclusions here; if you find this interesting be sure to follow the NGI Forward salons dealing on SSI.
Speaking on trust, we (as in ThingsCon) will have our second online workshop with Eindhoven Internet of Things this Thursday, diving into trust by design exploring some cases. We had some interesting conversations last time on Codes of Trust. It is totally fine to join btw if you missed that one.
Another event I might join this week is the postponed Obfuscation Workshop, which was planned last year before. I am not sure what to expect, the website brings back memories from Mediamatic conceptual website from other times… Don’t forget to check out the workshop for MAB20 on Subversive citizen manual, entries to participate until 14 May. I might also have a look myself at Primer21 cfp.
The coming week Uroboros is starting; I mentioned that one last week, I still need to check what that is about tbh. If you like to plan ahead, these potentially interesting events are happening in June: STRP and CogX. Totally different from each other, which I like.
Ok, enough on the event planning. What did the news bring us last week? Discontinued robot-dogs, robot-gizmos, and robots making sense. And more.
Farming robotics
Farming Robot Kills 100,000 Weeds per Hour With Lasers
Meet Tom: Agri-tech firm hits 'world-first milestone' with farm robot
Apple-Picking Robot Stems From Labor Shortage
M.I. is engine of the soft robotic hand
And more related robotics...
The World’s First Robotics Venture Factory Is On ‘Robot Island’ In Denmark
Google’s Plan for the Future of Work: Privacy Robots and Balloon Walls
The NYPD is sending its controversial robot dog back to the pound
Deepfake satellite imagery poses a not-so-distant threat, warn geographers
And also...
What cities need now
That was it for this week. Enjoy the week!
PS: I will publish the new monthly update reflection on the cities of things newsletter soon, you can still subscribe to not miss that one!
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Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as a research director, and chair Cities of Things, blogger Target_is_New, co-organizing @ThingsCon.
Visiting researcher at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering.

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