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Iskander Smit - Issue #65

I think I have to face it. The weekly update rhythm turned out too hard to keep up. Better do a regul
Iskander Smit - Issue #65
By Iskander Smit • Issue #65 • View online
I think I have to face it. The weekly update rhythm turned out too hard to keep up. Better do a regularly monthly update than an irregularly weekly I think… 
So looking back on LABS in May. It is the second month I’m working at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering as visiting professor. A nice bio was put up on Design United website in the beginning of the month. We have been working on the proposal for a postdoc position at AMS institute and are happy to be able to have succeeded. The first step to shape the research and fieldlab.
ThingsCon is the other running activity for me. We had our successful trip to Shenzhen and as a result I presented on the insights from boths Shenzhen and SXSW earlier this year for colleagues together with Jann, and later specifically on the bike-situation with all bike sharing plans and in particularly Mobike, as part of a kick-off for CMD and Kea design students.
Next to that we are organising a Salon on the Internet of Bikes on July 5, and looking ahead for two more salons after the vacation period. And we are of course planning for the December event. Keep up to date via our newsletter (or other media channels of course).
Ashlee did a fine job to start understanding the dynamics to connect LABS to the teams, which will be a big part of the work the coming months. She has also been working on our IoT-team coordination a lot and developed a good design thinking workshop that was successfully tested at Tech-Live last week. We did another design thinking/creative research workshop together at Butterfly Works. And were part of another ideation workshop for the Co-ReUS project.
Sietse did graduate beginning of the month with his connected barbecue project. Well received both in the approach he had of Design and Research as he added more research focus in the end looking into the impact of this new type of products. We asked him to stay at for a while to dive a bit deeper in the computation part and make it into a ‘Kickstarter-ready’ prototype and presentation.
Let’s keep it to that now. It was also the month of CLICKNL roadmap sessions, and several events like TNW, Fiber, WDCD. And of course lots of tech news. I will try to limit myself to articles that are specific relevant for the topics we are focused on; new things, and new intelligent interactions.

AI and design, and the new life of the computer
Apple Is Working on a Dedicated Chip to Power AI on Devices
Agents of Assistance
AI ❤ Design – Ruth Kikin-Gil – Medium
Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer - Recode
Big players, open futures...
Make the Most Out of Amazon Echo and Google Home
What Does China’s Tencent Want With Silicon Valley?
Crypto Tokens: A Breakthrough in Open Network Design
Essential Home is an Amazon Echo competitor that puts privacy first
Researchers design moisture-responsive workout suit
And some Apple thoughts
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Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as innovation director and leading @LABSinfonl, also blogger @targetisnew, co-organising @ThingsConAMS & Behavior Design AMS meetup #bdams
Visiting professor TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering (Connected Everyday Lab) @pact_tudelft

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