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IMPAKT - Volume: III

IMPAKT - Volume: III | March 2022
Community is the Utility
Reading Key:
  • Letter from iseult “A Collector’s Journey”
  • Creator Interview with Filip Zaruba
  • Collector Interview with FriendlyJameson
  • Official Pak Project Links
  • Community Resources

The title card of "IMPAKT Volume III" is composed of Pak & Julian Assange "CENSORED" NFTs
The title card of "IMPAKT Volume III" is composed of Pak & Julian Assange "CENSORED" NFTs
iseult.eth (@_seult) | Twitter
Letter from iseult
A Collector’s Journey
There are many ways in which we can create an image. For some, the simplest expression of this art is with a pencil and a piece of paper. Life is an expression of creation and NFTs are a new medium which have the ability to encompass many different forms of art. This ideology is made abundantly clear when participating in Pak’s $ASH ecosystem. Every collection is an invitation to a new lesson and this one began with “X” unveiled 27 August 2020 on Nifty Gateway.
Nifty Gateway
.@muratpak’s project ‘X’ on Nifty Gateway is a format that’s never been tried before.

There are unlimited editions of 13 of the works, limited by time instead - an unlimited number can be purchased within 24 hours. After that, no new ones can be created.
There are nine NFTs within this collection: The Cheap, The Expensive, The Unsold, The Lucky, The Flipper, The Blind, The Gift, Copy & Paste.
The Title is about value. It's about purpose.

It's an art piece of statement, taking the importance from "the file" and giving it to the cryptonative* art.

Controversial and hopefully historic.

A piece I'm very proud to sign.
At this point in time “Infinite Editions” are now known as “Open Editions”. The Title’s Open Editions are:
  1. The Cheap - $499 | 192 editions purchased
  2. The Expensive - $10,000 | 8 editions purchased
  3. The Unsold - $1,000,000 | 0 editions purchased
The Title also contained a silent auction for an edition of three NFT, “The Blind”. In addition to two auctions for one-of-one NFTs, “Copy” & “Paste”.
  1. The Blind - $10,899 / $7,777 / $6,667
  2. Copy - $17,888
  3. Paste - $17,777
The final component of The Title are three one-of-one NFTs.
  1. The Lucky - $1
  2. The Flipper - $1
  3. The Gift - $1
The importance of this collection is that all nine NFTs linked to the same image file- regardless of price.
"The Title" worked as intended.

A shift in value creation.

Questioning the NFT medium while attracting the top auction house: @Sothebys.

Thank you for participating in my design.

We still have 2 auctions to finalize 2 gifts to gift and The Unsold to leave as is.
The Fungible is a NFT collection launched by Pak. It was released in collaboration with Sotheby’s and Nifty Gateway 12-14 April 2021. The primary sale consisted of two auctions for one-of-one NFTs, “The Switch” and “The Pixel”. There was also a dynamic Open Edition NFT entitled “A Cube”. Collectors had opportunities to win additional NFTs by fulfilling a set criteria. The first subset collection of The Fungible is an edition of four known as “Equilibrium”.
The Builder and Equilibrium owners...

...I have your pieces.
Let's distribute.
Pak allowed participants to engage in different games for a chance at winning a piece of Equilibrium. The second subset collection of The Fungible is an edition of 30 known as “The Builder”. These NFTs were reserved and given to “artists, builders, and creators who have paved the way for Pak and other NFT artists”.
The third and final subset collection of The Fungible encompassed two parts. An edition of 100 known as “Complexity” and a one-of-one NFT known as “The Cube”. Complexity was given to the top 100 individuals who purchased the most Open Edition cubes by the end of the sale: similarly, “The Cube” was given to the individual who purchased the most.
The Introduction of $ASH Through Fungible Cubes
Open Edition “A Cubes” have two built-in scarcity mechanics.
  1. Collectors purchased as many fungible cubes as they desired during the sale period. In turn, the collector received a different set of NFTs based on the total cubes they own. Fungible Cube(s) NFTs are: A Cube, Five Cubes, Ten Cubes, Twenty Cubes, Fifty Cubes, Hundred Cubes, Five Hundred Cubes, and Thousand Cubes.
  2. Collectors have the ability to burn fungible cubes for $ASH
Creation with destruction.

"For every NFT you burn, you get ashes in return."

The Introduction of Lost Poets Through $ASH
On 3 September 2021 Pak unveiled Lost Poets, a collection of 65,536 NFTs. Individuals who held 25 or more $ASH were entitled to “airdropped” Page NFTs in addition to accessing the 1 hour pre-sale. 7,586 Page NFTs were distributed by means of the airdrop mechanism. Remaining Page NFTs sold for a fixed price of 0.32 $ETH each. During the sale, collectors had an opportunity to purchase multiple Page NFTs in one transaction. Doing so entitled the collector to bonus Page(s). Like The Fungible- Lost Poets also had a top 100 leaderboard mechanic. Landing a leaderboard position entitled the collector to Origin Poet NFTs proportional to their leaderboard rank. The collection itself sold out in 1 hour and 15 minutes.
iseult asks pak to expand on the monetary value of Lost Poets
iseult asks pak to expand on the monetary value of Lost Poets
Lost Poets are a multi-faceted NFT which show off some of the unique capabilities that blockchain have to offer. Detailed on the main website is: The Secret Roadmap.
  1. Prologue - Project Introduction. 48 hour pre-sale countdown starts.
  2. Act I: The Sale - 48 hour sale starts. $ASH holders are rewarded.
  3. Act II: The Reveal - Poets NFTs are claimed using Page tokens. Leaderboard Origin NFTs are distributed.
  4. *Act III: The Explorer - Collectors understand mechanisms. Some poets are named.
  5. Act IV: The Twist - Remember, this is a Pak project. Anything can happen.
  6. Epilogue: Final form is reached (365 Days). $ASH is enabled for all Poets.
[LOSTPOETS] is a collection of 65536 1/1s. Each Poet is one-of-a-kind and not made of modular components.

They have rarities, they may be modified to create a narrative, and they provide you with the opportunity to acquire uncommon variants for a year.
We are currently in Act III. Of the 65,536 Page NFTs created 27,146 were converted into Poets during The Reveal. Poets are derived from one of the 1,024 Origin Poets. There are two ways in which collectors can obtain Origin Poets.
  1. Secure a top 100 leaderboard position during the primary sale
  2. Win an Origin Poet by means of airdrop
Origin Poet Airdrop Explained
Like fungible cubes, there is more than one built in scarcity mechanic for Lost Poets. Collectors have the ability to add their own flair by “feeding” their Poet Page NFTs. Feeding Page NFTs to Poets grants collectors the ability to edit the Poets’ metadata by changing the name and description of the NFT. At this current point in time there are 31,741 Page NFTs remaining.
A collection of 1,234: “F” was released after much hysteria and anticipation. $ASH holders had an opportunity to claim this NFT for free- all the user had to do was pay the transaction fee.

So, what's the deal?

It was a Fomoverse Parcel that was free to claim.

You pay with FOMO in this case. All Parcel Holders are now my partners.

It's yours to keep or sell. I get half of what you earn.

Bon appétit.
Lesson 5: ‘Hate’ “Invisible Mechanisms”
Hate is a collection by Pak of 30 NFTs given to those bold enough to prove their hate. Unlike most NFTs, the owners of this collection soon discovered that they were unable to sell, transfer, or burn their asset. In turn, Pak unveiled a new mechanism titled “Move”. This allowed for Pak to transfer Hate tokens from the collectors addresses to the burn address. Pak once again used “Move” to transfer the tokens from the burn address back to their wallet address.
I hope "Move" makes you question your collection and The Creator's authority over "The Token" you think you own.
Pak’s Merge was hosted on Nifty Gateway and ran from 2-4 December 2021. The sale featured an exclusive collector’s pre-sale in addition to a leaderboard and dynamic pricing. Like Lost Poet Page NFTs, collectors were awarded bonus Mass NFTs in proportion to how much they purchased during the primary sale.
This collection shows off a new scarcity mechanic through a “game of extinction” in which collectors “merge” Mass NFTs. Merge onboarded a plethora of new Pak collectors. Many are delving into past-works for a glimpse into what the future may hold.
Nifty Gateway
Congratulations to @muratpak, who just achieved the largest ever art sale by a living creator with 'The Merge.'

The entire team at NG is honored to have worked with you on this and incredibly proud of what you achieved!
Creator Interview with Filip Zaruba
Filip Zaruba (@FilipZaruba1) | Twitter
What does ‘samadhi’ mean and how does your work encapsulate these ideals?
It’s unusual to start an interview with the ultimate question. Thousands of books have been written about samadhi, and yet all of them agree that you can know it by its indescribability. But I’ll try. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the term samadhi refers to a blissful state of consciousness, superior to waking, dreaming and deep sleep, in which all thoughts cease completely. In the state of samadhi, there is a complete merging of the meditator with the object of meditation: with God or the Absolute. There are different forms of samadhi.
The highest of these is called nirvikalpa samadhi and occurs when one remains in it permanently. In Zen Buddhism, the ecstatic state of samadhi is considered to be the result of intense concentration of the mind on the ultimate (divine) reality. It is achieved by a gradual reduction of mental activity. Samadhi is the highest, completely non-dual state of consciousness, in which, among other things, there is a unification of the “subject” and “object” of experience: only the deeply ecstatic content of experience remains.
One experiences everything as complete unity and understands that the world is not material at all, but rather mental. Everything is just a gigantic „thought experiment“ of the divine consciousness. All is One and any divisions and limits are only illusory.
From my point of view, this is the ultimate goal of every person on the spiritual path and it does not just apply to Hinduism or Buddhism. In our language we use the word enlightenment for the term samadhi. It can be attained by anyone, anywhere, but it is not easy. You have to completely control and purify your mind, your ego, completely stop the thought process and stop identifying with your body and thoughts.
The very fact that we use the word “my” when we mention the body, ego or thoughts means that it is not me. How can I be something that is mine? But I mistakenly /yet deliberately/ identify with ego and body. So the ultimate question is, who or what is me or The Self? Its complete answer is samadhi.
There are alternative ways to achieve this state, at least for a while, e.g. with the most powerful psychedelic known, 5-MeO-DMT. For me personally this experience was so powerful that I had to make 2 movies about it. And last year, as an editor, animator and co-producer, I collaborated on another one, which for a change is about how to achieve this naturally through yoga. It features two of my favorite spiritual teachers, the Mila and Eduard Tomas, from whom most of my spiritual knowledge comes.
Do you see similar values in the community that Pak is building?
I’m sure there are many people in this community who are interested in these things, but as a whole this community is more focused on Pak’s art and things related to it. And that’s perfectly fine. But I feel like just last week I saw some Pak’s tweet where he mentioned the word samadhi. But now it’s been deleted, weird ;)
With a resume spanning nearly 3 decades you have held many titles ranging from: DJ to graffiti artist to film director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor, animator, and special effects creator. One of your most influential creations is the award winning film, Bufo Alvarius: The Underground Secret. How has your life changed since this experience and how does it reflect in your current creations?
It was certainly one of the most important and biggest changes in my life. I’ve done a lot of different things in my life related to film, but through my experience with 5-MeO-DMT I’ve inadvertently become a director, writer and producer. After my experience, I was absolutely shocked. I finally experienced what I had only read about until then: the samadhi mentioned in the first question.
All my questions were answered because there were no more questions. And all I had to do was take one puff from a pipe. I didn’t understand that hardly anybody knew about it, that no film had been made about it. The substance is even so unknown that even governments don’t know it, and so it is legal in many countries, including mine.
I felt the need to share it and so I decided to make a film about it. And because of it, many things changed in my life. I have personally been to many screenings around the world where I have had the privilege of meeting amazing people whether they are scientists, artists, philosophers or shamans. I have befriended three legends of psychedelic research: Dennis McKenna, Ralph Metzner and Stanislav Grof. I feel like I’ve done much more meaningful things since then. If I were to answer your question fully, we would need a completely different and much longer interview.
Your most recent collection Divine Amnesia is a gorgeous collaboration with original soundtrack by MAOK. When was the first time you worked together and what is your process? 
The first time we worked together was on Bufo Alvarius - The Underground Secret. I had been to a few of Maok’s concerts before, I really liked his music and it stuck in my mind. Most of the music for the film was composed by my friend Petr Zajac aka. Satori, and I contributed 3 songs myself, but I was still missing a powerful song to end the film with. I remembered Maok and so the final song was Galaxy, which captured exactly the emotion and atmosphere I was looking for. 
As for the process, I have all his songs saved on hard drive and once I have the first working version of the animation, I try to see which song fits best with it, which conveys the desired emotion and how it works together. Then I send Maok a demo that guides him on what mood the music should express, he composes the resulting song and sends it to me. I then cut the animation to fit the music, sometimes telling Maok that here and here I want to support the action in the picture with a certain sound or gradation. That’s how we send it back and forth until it’s done and we’re both happy with the result. It’s going perfectly, so it definitely won’t be the last time.
Filip Zaruba
Here we go. This is my biggest #NFT project yet. Now, after many weeks of work, everything is finally ready. Divine Amnesia NFT collection: 3D animation by Filip Zaruba and original soundtrack by Maok.

$ASH Exclusive drop #WeAcceptAsh #AshNation

Thread 👇
You are currently preparing a car with aid to go to Ukraine in addition to working on an #ARTforUKRAINE project. How does Putin’s actions affect your work and the art space as a whole?
As for my work on commercial jobs that feed me, I’m finding it very difficult to work right now. I’m always thinking about the suffering of the Ukrainian people, watching the news, and the only thing I’m motivated to do is the Art4Ukraine project. I have many friends in Ukraine, especially among artists. From my house it is 4 hours by car.
I was born in the former Czechoslovakia and we don’t have good experiences with the Russian regime. At the end of the Second World War our country was liberated by the Russians and the Americans. But unfortunately the Russians reached our capital city earlier and so we fell into their sphere of influence, they allied with our Communist Party and with the help of the KGB carried out a Communist coup in 1948.
Even our communists soon realized that this was a bad decision and in the 1960s there were major reforms known as the Prague Spring. It looked like we were going to live in a free country again. The Russians did not like that, of course, and so in 1968 they invaded our country and imposed so-called „normalisation“.
Gradually, the number of invaders grew to 750,000 and so it was pointless for our small army to defend itself. So I spent my childhood in a country occupied by Russian troops under the domination of the communists, the secret police and the KGB. They didn’t leave until the 1990s. I know what it’s like, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The situation in Ukraine is much, much worse than it used to be here. It is a total war.
In Europe in the 21st century! And its initiator is threatening to the use nuclear weapons. But I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Ukrainians are putting up an incredibly brave fight. According to the results of the UN resolution, almost the whole world is behind them, and I hope that the unprecedented pressure and support from the West will cause ordinary Russians, oligarchs, the military and the secret services to try to get rid of Putin.

16592 ETH (+1 for initial confirmation).

100% of "Clock" proceeds are donated to the Wau Holland Stiftung Moral Courage Project: Julian Assange to support his freedom and defense.

Initial promise:

Can you tell me about Pak’s recent collaboration with Censored and Julian Assange?
I really liked the project in all aspects, whether it was the artistic rendition or the idea behind it. I consider Julian Assange, along with Edward Snowden, to be the heroes of our time. If the mere exposure of a crime is considered a crime, then clearly something is wrong. They both deserve our support. So I didn’t hesitate, became a member of the DAO and later also minted 2 Censored NFT. This is what I love about the web3 community, how it is able to mobilize and raise an incredible amount of money for a good cause in a very short time. I would really like to thank Pak and all the contributors for this. 
The whole Vanguards treasury of Censored now goes to human rights.

670 ETH - 1,875,906 USD

Can you tell us about upcoming projects or collaborations? 
I’ll definitely do something with Maok again. We’re both looking forward to it. Then I have an animation I’ve been working on for a while, and I’ve been working with a Colombian shaman for a change. When he was in my town, I took him to the studio and recorded his sacred songs, which they call icaros. I’m doing an animation of ayahuasca visions for one of them. The shaman’s name is Jose Antonio Jansasoy, and he is one of the many protagonists of my next film called “The History of the Future”. I’d also like to eventually go back to my roots and create a few NFTs with a touch of cyberpunk or sci-fi that I want to compose my own music for. I also have an interesting and very complex NFT project in mind that would involve the collectors themselves in the creative process. But it will require complex smart contracts and web coding. We’ll see.
What is something you have struggled with since entering the NFT space?
It’s a vicious circle. To be successful in the NFT space, it takes making very high quality work and spending a lot of time on community building, networking and marketing. It all takes a lot of time, it’s a full-time job. But if you don’t have big enough sales, you can’t afford to do it full time. For now, I have other things to do that also take a lot of my time, I have a family, 2 businesses, so I can do NFT mostly in the evenings.
I do it as best I can in the limited time I have, and I believe that one day a breakthrough will happen, I will finally be able to quit doing commercial jobs for corporate clients and just focus on NFT, which I really love. The community and the technology is amazing. Another small problem is that I specialize in visionary art and it seems that there is not so much interest in that in the NFT community yet, but hopefully that will change. I also struggle a bit with the fact that I’m basically an introvert, so I have trouble promoting myself. So thanks so much for this interview, I appreciate it!
What does it mean to be a Pak collector?
Experience, adventure, passion, beauty, message, addiction or investment? It probably means something different to everyone. Probably The Nothing.
Your Legacy?
I think it’s too early for that. I hope to create many more and would also prefer to leave the evaluation of my legacy to others. That is not my job to do. But of course I have a vision of what I want to leave behind and I am trying to fulfill it. Cryptoart is only a small part of what I do. I put much more energy into making films, publishing books, organizing conferences and lectures on spirituality, shamanism, psychedelics, mysticism and new paradigms in scientific research. Here I could help myself with a quote from my favorite thinker Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Collector Interview with FriendlyJameson
Jameson (@FriendlyJameson) | Twitter
Can you tell me a little bit about your background?
Do you want my whole life story or just the TLDR?
For the sake of your readership, we’ll go with the TLDR.
I was a professional musician from early high school through to age 22. I studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music & released a few studio albums. In 2013 I came to the abrupt realisation that music was an unreliable way to generate financial freedom, so I started my first business.
My wife & I opened a restaurant when I was 23, which was ultimately an awful idea, but we learned a lot in a short period of time. I often joke that our first year running the restaurant was essentially a business degree, but actually useful.
After we sold the restaurant, I started a digital advertising agency & my wife launched a supplement company.
Prior to NFTs, I was spending most of my time on those two businesses.
Your minted your first NFT on 24 February 2021, “The Bitcoin Angel (Open Edition)” by Trevor Jones. What was your perspective of NFTs then and how have it evolved?
When I bought my Bitcoin Angel, I was essentially just gambling on the emergence of a new trend.
I had watched a number of other Nifty Gateway collections do really well in the secondary market, so I decided to buy the next collection that dropped - which happened to be The Bitcoin Angel.
Paradoxically though, I really liked Trevor’s art so I didn’t end up selling my Bitcoin Angel. I still have that edition in my wallet today.
Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that I’m vehemently against shaming people who trade NFTs (colloquially known as “flippers”)
The idea that people should just collect NFTs and never sell them seems a little privileged & unrelatable.
Most people I know wouldn’t be able to support artists if it weren’t for their success as “flippers”.
The Bitcoin Angel (Open Edition) | Created by: Trevor Jones Art - 24 Feb 21
The Bitcoin Angel (Open Edition) | Created by: Trevor Jones Art - 24 Feb 21
How did you discover Pak?
I discovered Pak through Nifty Gateway’s promotion of The Fungible.
That drop led me to discover the NFTSiblings discord, in which I formed some beautiful friendships that I cherish to this day.
The Pak community is easily one of the most intellectually astute, creative & welcoming communities in the NFT space.
How can we all provide “value” to one another?
What is “value”?
Sorry, that’s such a pseudo-intellectual answer.
From a 30,000 foot view, the best way for us to provide value to each other is to help propagate web3 adoption.
On an interpersonal level; being kind & empathetic to one another probably provides more value than any of us realise.
What is Lost Spaces and how did it come to fruition?
Lost Spaces is a Twitter space that Shorts & I started around the time of the LostPoets drop.
It was just meant to be a fun place for the Pak community to hang out and share ideas. We’ve really enjoyed hosting it, and we’ve met a bunch of amazing people along the way.
The Inception of Lost Spaces | Jameson & ShortsHoward
The Inception of Lost Spaces | Jameson & ShortsHoward
What can you tell me about Pak’s recent collection, Ash Chapter One: Carbon?
We are building the foundations of a new creative economy with Ash Chapter One (Carbon) and Ash Chapter Two (with a list of delightful creators) coming up.
Ashdrop1 = liquidity
Ashdrop2 = adoption
What upcoming projects or collaborations are you most looking forward to?
The sheer talent of the Ash Artist community has really blown me away over the past few months.
Ash Chapter Two is exciting, but I’m actually more excited by all the emerging artists who are choosing to release their work in $ASH.
Artists who have been engaged in Pak’s community for a long time are the lifeblood of the Ash ecosystem, so it’s great to see them experiencing success.
You are a talented musician who has yet to debut their first NFT collection- “wen whitelist”?
As Pak would say, 🤫
Does the role of an artist change in times of crisis?
Answering that probably requires a thorough exploration of what the role of an artist is in general, along with a clear definition of “crisis”.
History shows us that some of the best art stems from suffering, so perhaps that’s a useful frame of reference in which to explore this idea.
Personally, I believe that creating beauty is a noble pursuit no matter the timing.
How do you view your creative legacy? 
I started composing music around age 11, and even then I recognized when someone had an emotional reaction to one of my pieces.
“Creative legacy” seems like a grandiose phrase, but if my music helps you feel something true, then that’s legacy enough for me.
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