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Five years ago, I emailed a few articles to two close friends. It was the first issue of what would become The Highlighter.

Now, 300+ issues later, The Highlighter comes out week after week, giving you the best articles on race, education, and culture.

But it’s become more than that, too. We’ve built a reading community of curious, compassionate people who care about important issues. We’re eager to read, learn, and connect with each other.

This year, I have big dreams for The Highlighter. And I’m asking for your support to help make these dreams a reality:

Launch an article club. (Update: This is happening!) We read, annotate, and discuss one great article every month.

Connect with authors. (Update: This is happening!) Part of what makes Article Club special is that the authors participate, too — in our discussion or in a podcast episode.

Spotlight the best articles on key topics. (Update: This is happening.) Read the best-ever articles on a variety of important topics, all in one place.

Organize teacher curriculum planning workshops. Teachers love The Highlighter and want to plan great units together.

Build a searchable article archive. Like articles on segregation by Nikole Hannah-Jones appearing in ProPublica? Here you go.

Expand the newsletter’s reach. It’s great to have 650+ subscribers, but wouldn’t it be better to have 1,000? Or more?

If you value The Highlighter and want to see it grow, please consider becoming a VIP member!

Your $3-a-month contribution goes to support The Highlighter community:

Plentiful prizes and grandiose new merchandise

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Food and beverage at article clubs and other events

Getting the word out about The Highlighter

As a member, you’ll receive my limitless, undying gratitude. Plus you’ll join an exclusive group that will help map out the future direction of The Highlighter. You can expect a few surprise perks, too, along the way. (After all, you’re a VIP.)

Thank you for your readership and support of The Highlighter!

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