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#297: Chasing A Waking Life

The Highlighter
How did you sleep, loyal readers? I hope well. Like many people over the past year, I’ve suffered from mild insomnia (and REM paralysis, spooky!). But all in all, I can’t complain, and sleeplessness is relative, as Aminatta Forna emphasizes in this week’s lead article, “Chasing A Waking Life.” In this cultural history of insomnia, you’ll travel to Sierra Leone and Croatia and Spain and China and Mexico and Spain, gaining perspective that the inability to sleep is a shared human condition across time and place.
If reading about sleeping gets you tired, skip down to this week’s other great articles — an oral history of the California wildfires, an explainer on the surge in plastic surgery, and a rumination on the flourishing chicken wings industry. Please enjoy!
+ Join Article Club this month to discuss “A Homecoming,” by Amirah Mercer, which discusses how the wellness industry erases the long history of plant-based diets in the Black diaspora. We’re meeting up on Sunday, July 27 — at 2 pm online and at 3:30 pm in person. More details here.
+ Don’t be shy! If you’ve found an outstanding article that you’d like to share with our reading community, please let me know.

Chasing A Waking Life
Objects Of Fire: Oral Histories From The California Wildfires
After reading his favorite book, Iman enjoys taking in Vermont’s verdant countryside with his mom, loyal reader Nida.
After reading his favorite book, Iman enjoys taking in Vermont’s verdant countryside with his mom, loyal reader Nida.
The Cosmetic Surgery “Zoom Boom” Is Real — But There’s More To The Story
The Great Wings Rush
+ Reader Annotations: Several of you shared your appreciation for “The Native Scholar Who Wasn’t,” last week’s lead article. If you didn’t get a chance to read the piece, you’re in luck: Here’s an audio recording (63 min), thanks to Julia Whelan.
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