Iserotope Extras - Issue #55

We’re nearing the end of August, which means the completion of my birthday month. Big thanks to my mo
The Highlighter - Mark Isero
Iserotope Extras - Issue #55
By The Highlighter - Mark Isero • Issue #55
We’re nearing the end of August, which means the completion of my birthday month. Big thanks to my mom and goddaughter; between them, I enjoyed two tasty cakes and dozens of cookies. (If you don’t know me, I can eat cookies.) This week, enjoy articles that explore poor white Americans, creepy straight white journalists, well-meaning English teachers, and politically minded librarians. There’s something for everyone in this week’s Extras!

This year’s presidential election has shined a light on poor white Americans, their plight, and their interest in Donald Trump. This excellent ProPublica article explores the history and current standing of poor white people through the lens of two excellent books, White Trash and Hillbilly Elegy, both of which I highly recommend.
After Nico Hines, a married straight man, wrote an article for Daily Beast about Grindr use among gay athletes in Rio, there was an outcry from the gay community, which led to the article’s retraction. This piece offers a good explanation about why so many people were angry. (Here’s an opposing view.)
The Little Free Library of Leadership High School, San Francisco, thanks to Extras subscriber Michele.
The Road Not Taken” is Robert Frost’s most famous poem, taught in high school English classes across the country. The problem is, most English teachers are missing the point, getting the poem entirely wrong. Here’s a thorough analysis.
The public likes its librarians like it likes its teachers: neutral. But librarians have never been neutral, and that’s good, argues Cory Eckert. “Public libraries have throughout their history shown bias in explicit and subtle ways—from material selection and categorization of books to strident support of anti-censorship and privacy legislation.”
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