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Iserotope Extras - Issue #28

Sorry for missing last week! Aren't you happy that Iserotope Extras is back? This week, two articles
The Highlighter
Iserotope Extras - Issue #28
By Mark Isero • Issue #28 • View online
Sorry for missing last week! Aren’t you happy that Iserotope Extras is back? This week, two articles explore the relationship between government and citizens — when those citizens happen to be African American and poor. Then there are two articles aimed at teachers and people who like teachers, including what to say when someone says that teaching is a “noble” profession. Finally, there’s a bonus article about Chris Jackson, someone you should know about if you don’t already. Thank you for reading Iserotope Extras!

Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan?
I’m a Teacher: Please Stop Praising Me
Kindles are colorful. Here are 10 Paperwhites that went out to Oakland students last week. I’m looking for people who would like to donate monthly to let students build the KCP Library with even more books they love. More details:
How Chris Jackson Is Building a Black Literary Movement
A Question about Equity
Thank you very much for reading this edition of Iserotope Extras. If you have a favorite article this week, let me know! See you next week.
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