Iserotope Extras - Issue #22

Hi everyone! Today's digest is in two parts. The first two articles deal with how we seem not to be m
The Highlighter - Mark Isero
Iserotope Extras - Issue #22
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Hi everyone! Today’s digest is in two parts. The first two articles deal with how we seem not to be making progress on race, especially in education. The second two articles focus on how we deal with death — whether it comes unexpectedly or not. All four articles are excellent, so please consider reading at least a couple of them. Thank you, and enjoy!

Parents Are Hiring Public-School Consultants to Help Them Figure Out Where to Send Their Kids
What Abigail Fisher’s Affirmative Action Case Is Really About
I find myself playing the piano more lately. This is a good thing! Most recently: Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 2 in A Major.
Unpregnant: The silent, secret grief of miscarriage
What Should Medicine Do When It Can’t Save You?
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The Highlighter - Mark Isero

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