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#83: Together Alone

The Highlighter
Welcome to The Highlighter #83! The first two articles this week aim to build empathy and understanding across difference. If you’re not LGBTQ, please read the first article, and if you’re not Mexican American, please read the second. Then, after the photo break, it’s time to upgrade your exercise regimen (with the help of Notorious RBG) before feeling disgusted by the history of the death penalty. Please enjoy!

Together Alone
The Making of a Mexican American Dream
Say hi to Jack. He belongs to loyal subscriber Erin.
Say hi to Jack. He belongs to loyal subscriber Erin.
I Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Workout. It Nearly Broke Me.
He Killed 140 Men in the Electric Chair. Then He Took His Own Life.
From loyal subscriber Abby, a Math instructional coach, in response to last week’s article, “Conversations Aren’t Enough,” by Nikole Hannah-Jones:
My kids go to Berkeley Public Schools, and the elementary schools are consciously integrated through a complicated busing and lottery system. There are still many problems, and the achievement gap is large. I wonder what Ms. Hannah-Jones would say the next step is after desegregation. How do we leverage desegregation to increase educational opportunity?
Thank you, Abby, for your thoughtful annotation! I welcome reader annotations, so when you feel moved, please press R to reply to this email digest, and you can send me your thoughts. (I won’t publish anything without your consent.)
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That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed today’s issue. Also, please welcome new subscribers Carl and Donna! Keep getting the word out about The Highlighter, and have a great week. See you next Thursday at 9:10 am!
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