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#73: My Favorite Extras of the Year

The end of the year is a good time for gratitude and reflection. Thank you, loyal subscribers, for be
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#73: My Favorite Extras of the Year
By Mark Isero • Issue #73 • View online
The end of the year is a good time for gratitude and reflection. Thank you, loyal subscribers, for being part of the Iserotope Extras community, for reading the digest, and for sharing your thoughts. There are 85 of you; I appreciate each one of you!
Several of you have asked what the point is of this digest. That’s where the reflection comes in, particularly because 2016 was a traumatic year, and particularly since the election, we’ve scoured our hearts to figure out what we can do to make the world a little bit better. After weeks of thinking, I still don’t have a definite mission for Extras, except that I really like doing it, and I like that you enjoy reading it. There’s probably something deeper that’s going on, and perhaps we’ll figure it out together in 2017, but until then, I’ll just be curating and sharing articles that grab me.
For this last issue of 2016, I’ve decided to publish my favorite six articles of the year. They’re all wonderfully written, plus they have an extra edge — whether of import, or delight, or prescience. Here they are, in no particular order. If you’ve read some of them, I invite you to read them again. If there’s one that passed you by, here’s your chance. Please enjoy!

Death by gentrification in San Francisco:
The killing of Alejandro Nieto
All the Greedy Young Abigail Fishers and Me
This is Muzzy.
This is Muzzy.
In Blue Apron’s Chaotic Warehouses, Making Dinner Easy Is Hard Work
I hope truth rebounds in 2017.
I hope truth rebounds in 2017.
My Son, The Prince Of Fashion
There you have it — 2016 is done! Thank you for reading Extras #73. Also, did anyone notice the new look? And that the articles in last week’s issue were out of order? (Sorry about that.) I wish you all the best in these last few days of 2016, and I’ll see you in your inbox next Thursday at 9:10 am!
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