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#349: Time For A Change

The Highlighter
Next Thursday marks the seventh anniversary of The Highlighter. Thank you all for reading my newsletter week after week. There’s no way I could have predicted seven years, but thanks to your enthusiasm and loyalty, well, here we are. It’s been a great journey so far.
As we approach Issue #350, I’m happy to announce some changes that I hope you’ll like. The Highlighter will merge with Article Club, my other reading-related newsletter, to become one publication.
Maybe you can guess the new name? Yep, you got it: It’s The Highlighter Article Club. 😀
The goals will remain the same:
  • to share the best articles on race, education, and culture
  • to offer thought-provoking ideas from a variety of perspectives
  • to encourage us to read, reflect, and connect more deeply
But a few things will be different. For example, there will be a greater emphasis on each issue’s lead article. I’d like us to get into it, reflect on it, and share our thoughts about it with one another. And I want to experiment with more ways for us to connect and build our reading community. After all, our world might be a slightly better place if we read more good things and then talked about them with other thoughtful people.
Here’s the best news: You don’t have to do anything. There won’t be any clicking or resubscribing or filling out a survey. You’ll receive next week’s issue next Thursday at 9:10 am PT like normal. Be on the lookout for it! especially if the email gods conspire and send it to promotions.
All right, that’s enough housekeeping. Let’s get into this week’s issue!

White Parents Chased A Black Educator Out Of Town. Then, They Followed Her to the Next One.
The Backlash Against Sex Ed
Finding Time For Life
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If you like The Highlighter, please help it grow. I appreciate your support. Word of mouth is how our reading community gets stronger. Here are a few ways you can help:
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Mark Isero
Mark Isero @iserotope

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