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#344: Losing Weight Didn’t Mean Winning

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Happy Thursday, loyal readers. Thank you for being here.
This week’s issue focuses on the body. As someone who grew up chubby and lost and gained weight multiple times in adulthood, it’s a topic that has always fascinated me. I still get flummoxed in meetings and education workshops, for example, when the faciliator prompts us to “check in with our bodies” or asks us “where in our bodies” we’re feeling stress. No idea! my brain replies, acknowledging the outcome of many years of mind-body disassociation.
But this week’s articles have been helpful, and I hope that you appreciate them, too. I found the lead piece, “I’ve Always Struggled With My Weight. Losing It Didn’t Mean Winning,” extremely relatable all the way through to the last paragraph, where the author discusses his favorite breakfast. The second and third articles – about fatphobia and running shirtless – are also excellent. If reading about the body causes you anxiety, feel free to skip to the last article, a feel-good story about a shy boy who loves baseball.
+ If you’d like to read more about body positivity and fat shaming, here’s a collection of articles that I published a few years back.
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As always, I hope that you find at least one article worthy of your time and attention, and I wish you a restful weekend coming up. Please enjoy!

I’ve Always Struggled With My Weight. Losing It Didn’t Mean Winning.
Dismantling Medical Fatphobia: The Big Fat Loophole in the Hippocratic Oath
Do you like these quotes from the various books and articles I’ve read? (I have more. 😀)
Do you like these quotes from the various books and articles I’ve read? (I have more. 😀)
On Running Shirtless While Trans
The 11-Year-Old Yankees Fan Who Lost His Autographed Baseball Cards
+ Reader Annotations: Last week’s lead article, “What is Vital To Your Survival,” sparked strong emotions and many thoughtful reponses. Thank you for sharing them. I was particularly appreciative of loyal reader Steph and her powerful contribution. She writes:
Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land for my entire life; it’s never been something I consciously took for granted, but now I realize that I did, in fact, take for granted that it would never be overturned. That was a mistake. The fact that a legal medical procedure has never been uniformly and fairly available to anyone who needs it in this country is an embarrassment. But now things are even worse, with bounty laws popping up in different states and trigger laws set to enact as soon as the Supreme Court invalidates Roe v. Wade. Intellectually, I know there are many injustices in this country that need attention. But I can’t imagine physically going to battle for any of them except reproductive rights. (Actually, add voting rights and reform to my list too). The erosion of both of those has me ready to fight; I feel a visceral sadness when I read and witness accounts of politicians and other people in positions of power attempting to strip others of their ability to make choices for themselves, at the ballot box and for their own bodies.
I am very grateful that you shared what you would fight for, Steph. Loyal readers, if one of this week’s articles resonated with you, go ahead and tap the “r” key on your keyboard and tell me why it moved you. It would be an honor to hear from you.
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