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#339: America Has Been Dumb Lately

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Hi Loyal Readers,
Happy Thursday and thank you for being here.
Last week was all about listening and empathy. I’m keeping up with that theme this issue with a thought-provoking article by Jonathan Haidt that helps explain how our country got so messed up. Not to give too much away, because after all, I want you to read the article, but Prof. Haidt argues that our problem is that we spend too much of our time attacking not only people who disagree with us but also people who agree with us.
And to what end? Instagram and TikTok and Facebook and Twitter likes.
Even before I tell you a little more about the piece, I’m intrigued by what you’ll have to say – both about Prof. Haidt and about his argument. Do you buy what he’s saying? Or is he naïve? Most importantly, are we all doomed, or is there something we can do to save ourselves?
📫 I’d love to hear what you think. All you need to do is hit reply.
Happy reading!
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The Past 10 Years Of American Life Have Been Stupid
Thanks to loyal readers Genna and Kiera, here’s the serene and majestic Kauapea, enjoying the beautiful beach in Kauai before heading back out to sea.
Thanks to loyal readers Genna and Kiera, here’s the serene and majestic Kauapea, enjoying the beautiful beach in Kauai before heading back out to sea.
Want more great articles? Sure!
+ If you want to read something inspiring, I’ve got you. In Bastrop, Texas, Norma Mercado helps kids experiencing homelessness: “These students just need someone to tell them they are smart enough, they are beautiful enough. They deserve the very best.” A One-Woman Rescue Squad for Homeless Students,” by Jason DeParle, The New York Times.
+ Author of “The Battle for 1042 Cutler Street,” featured in Issue #294, Eli Saslow is back with another outstanding article about how for many people, the American dream is more like a nightmare. “The Death Spiral of an American Family,” The Washington Post.
+ “Before Enis could finish, Bebo started listing facts about cockroaches. That there were more than four thousand different species, and the one on his right hand, an American cockroach, could grow up to two inches long, and ate just about anything.” “Bebo,” by Jared Jackson, Kenyon Review.
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