#335: The State of Education In The Bay



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Last night I attended a celebration for VIP Abby, an accomplished Bay Area educator, to honor her contributions as a teacher, teacher-leader, consultant, advocate of project based learning, champion of the graduate profile, and proponent of authentic performance assessment. It was wonderful to gather with outstanding educators to laugh and smile and remember why we do what we do.
It’s not news that things have been hard out there in the education world. That’s why last night was a gift. Depending on whom you ask, the pandemic has created, worsened, or illuminated the inequities and challenges we face. This week’s issue offers a snapshot of what’s happening in schools in the Bay Area, where many of us live.
Out here we might not have mean-spirited debates about mask mandates or Critical Race Theory or banning books from the school library. But the discord is deep, ranging from school closures in Oakland, Board recalls in San Francisco, lawsuits in Berkeley, and rancor at Lowell High School. Is this the sign of a fatally broken system? Or is it just democracy in action?
My hope is that you find time to read at least one article in today’s issue, then share with me your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to record a voicemail or hit reply. Please enjoy!

Why Do So Many Families Opt Out Of Oakland Unified?
Will The New School Board Listen To Black Families In San Francisco?
Loyal reader Hazel and her mother Marni love their new Highlighter Mug. You too can experience this joy! www.highlighter.cc/store/mug
Loyal reader Hazel and her mother Marni love their new Highlighter Mug. You too can experience this joy! www.highlighter.cc/store/mug
College Town: The Conflict In Berkeley
Lowell: What Happens When an Elite Public School Becomes Open to All?
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Mark Isero
Mark Isero @iserotope

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