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#331: Black History Is Your History

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Happy Thursday, Loyal Readers. According to viral post yesterday on Twitter, a counselor in Indiana is letting parents opt their children out of lessons related to “Black History Month and Valentine’s Day.” Making his case to families, the counselor argues that “a greater understanding of diversity in the classroom and the outside world” will lead to “better grades” and “greater career success.” I wonder what Ijeoma Oluo, author of today’s lead article, “Black History Is Your History,” would say about this unfortunate ridiculousness and the state of white supremacy in our public schools.
In addition to Ms. Oluo’s piece, I encourage you to check out this week’s other articles, which cover a variety of topics, in typical Highlighter fashion – from the backlash against trans rights, to the challenges of in vitro fertilization, to the glories of whole grain flour. Please enjoy!
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Black History Is Your History
Kris Wilka Just Wants To Play Football
Tuba, who belongs to loyal reader Sele, enjoys snoozing in the sun. Want your pet to be featured?
Tuba, who belongs to loyal reader Sele, enjoys snoozing in the sun. Want your pet to be featured?
A Passage To Parenthood
The Differences Between Processed White Flour And Whole Grain Flour
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