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#304: History And Legacy

The Highlighter
Happy Thursday, loyal readers, and thank you for opening today’s issue of The Highlighter. Five weeks ago, in Issue #299, Prof. Matthew Karp argued that history isn’t a linear story with clear origins and defined root causes. He wrote, “We must come to see history not as what we dwell in, are propelled by, or are determined by, but rather as what we fight over, fight for, and aspire to honor in our practices of justice.”
But who is doing the fighting over history, the fighting for history, and the aspiring to honor history? This week’s articles explore how history has shaped our actions (or inactions) today. “His Name Was Emmett Till,” which I urge you to read, examines the default tendency among many of us to deny, erase, or do nothing about the painful history that lives in our back yards. The other three pieces – “The Free State of George Floyd,” “Built To Keep Black From White,” and “The Problem We All Live With“ – extend this theme to the history of state-sanctioned violence, housing segregation, and school segregation. There’s a lot in today’s issue. I hope it provokes your mind and your heart.
+ Our 18th Article Club discussion is in the books! We read and annotated Caitlin Flanagan’s “Private Schools Are Indefensible” and participated in four rollicking conversations. Thank you to everyone who participated, including VIPs Elise, Telannia, and Summer for facilitating. I’ll reveal this month’s article this Sunday. (It’s going to be good, because VIP López and Sarai are involved.) I invite you to check out Article Club.
+ Want to share your thoughts or talk about what comes up for you? I’d love to hear your perspective. All you need to do is hit reply or click here.

His Name Was Emmett Till
The Free State Of George Floyd
Boog, who belongs to VIP Manuschka, enjoys long rides in the car, wearing pink, and looking cute every day. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
Boog, who belongs to VIP Manuschka, enjoys long rides in the car, wearing pink, and looking cute every day. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
Built To Keep Black From White
The Problem We All Live With
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