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#296: The Native Scholar Who Wasn’t

The Highlighter
As we end the school year, I’m sending teachers, parents, and young people my appreciation and gratitude. May the summer bring you big rest and revelry. Please wish me luck as I accompany my goddaughter to Great America (and ride the RailBlazer) on Saturday.
Thank you very much for opening today’s issue. I’m pleased with this week’s selections. The lead article, “The Native Scholar Who Wasn’t,” investigates yet another case of a white woman masquerading as a person of color in order to gain academic clout. But this time, there’s a twist that makes the piece even more disturbing than you’d expect.
Not interested in that? No problem. You can skip to articles investigating the ills of diversity training, the pressures on Black teachers, and the affordances of robotic pets. Please enjoy!
+ Even if you’re not vegan, consider joining Article Club this month. We’re discussing Amirah Mercer’s “A Homecoming: How I Found Empowerment in the History of Black Veganism.” I look forward to the conversation, and it’ll be even better if you’re there, too. Here’s more information.
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The Native Scholar Who Wasn’t
Inside The Booming Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Industrial Complex
Ollie, who belongs to VIP Kim, loves the breeze on the Bay and the view of the City. Wish additional fame for your pet?
Ollie, who belongs to VIP Kim, loves the breeze on the Bay and the view of the City. Wish additional fame for your pet?
Black Teachers Ground Down By Racial Fatigue After A Year Like No Other
What Robots Can — And Can’t — Do For The Old and Lonely
+ Reader Annotations: Our reading community is kind. After Alison faced a New York Times paywall, loyal reader Kim shared a valuable tip. She wrote, “I wanted to let Alison know that she could check her local library’s website to see if they give access to the NYT and other news sites that have paywalls. The library here in Berkeley gives a free 72-hour code to access the Times, that I can get as often as I want.” Thank you, Kim! Further research suggests: It looks like the Berkeley Library offers free access even if you’re not a patron. Is this really possible?
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