#295: Stop Hustling Black Death


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This week marks the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. Last summer’s large-scale protests have ended, calls to defund the police have subsided, and white Americans’ support for Black Lives Matter has declined. Then we have the absurd: Amy Cooper is suing her former employer for racial discrimination. None of this, of course, is a surprise.
As you reflect and consider your next steps, please consider reading this week’s lead article, “Stop Hustling Black Death.” It’s a profile of Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir, who was murdered in 2014 when he was 12. Ms. Rice challenges the repetitive, performative actions taken by white journalists and Black national leaders (including BLM) after Black men and Black boys are killed by the police. She’s a mom, she says, and she has no desire being a “mother of the movement.”
If that piece is too much for you today, take in some wisdom from our elders, contemplate the power of envy, and find out how you can help your pet get famous. Please enjoy!
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Stop Hustling Black Death
70 Over 70: A Show About Making The Most Of The Time We Have Left
Wally, who belongs to loyal reader Julia, wonders why it’s taken so long for him to be featured in The Highlighter. Give your pet a chance! hltr.co/pets
Wally, who belongs to loyal reader Julia, wonders why it’s taken so long for him to be featured in The Highlighter. Give your pet a chance! hltr.co/pets
There I Almost Am: On Envy and Twinship
My Dog Is (Almost) Internet Famous
+ Reader Annotations: Several of you shared your appreciation for last week’s lead article, “I Feel Like I’m Just Drowning.” Unfortunately, loyal reader Alison, who was “so excited to get a break in the day while dinner was cooking” to read the piece, instead got hit with the tightfisted New York Times paywall. Drat. She wrote, “My heart was saddened when I clicked on the article and I had reached my limit of articles for the month. It’s such a tease!” I am very sorry about that, Alison. Maybe it’s time for me to raffle off another digital subscription. What do you think?
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