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#292: Invisible Kid

The Highlighter
Happy Thursday, loyal readers. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. No matter what Twitter says, I’m very grateful to my colleagues for the quality of instruction they’ve provided to our students in distance learning. Though I can’t wait to see everyone back in classrooms, don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper. Because of teachers’ skill and dedication, many students are thriving this year, appreciating the technology integration and the additional one-on-one support. It’s been a slog, no doubt. But we’ll get through it.
I can’t tell you which article I like best this week. They’re all good. “Invisible Kid” is infuriating, “How to Name Your Black Son in a Racist Country” is razor-sharp, “The End of the Road” is insightful, and “How Amanda Gorman Became So Much More Than a Literary Star” is inspiring. If you have time, please read one (or more!), and share with me your thoughts. Enjoy!
+ I encourage you to join Article Club. This month, we’re discussing “The Crow Whisperer,” by Lauren Markham. Originally highlighted in Issue #285, it’s a quirky (but deep) piece about crows, Oakland, animal whisperers, and how maybe we should take better notice of what’s happening around us. Here’s more information, and here’s how to sign up.

Invisible Kid
How to Name Your Black Son In A Racist Country
Here’s the loving and introspective Jasmine, who decided to adopt loyal reader Elizabeth after she moved into her new house. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
Here’s the loving and introspective Jasmine, who decided to adopt loyal reader Elizabeth after she moved into her new house. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
The End Of The Road: Nomadland, My Mother, And The Frontier’s Broken Promise
How Amanda Gorman Became So Much More Than A Literary Star
+ Reader Annotations: It turns out that many of you take typing as seriously as I do. VIP Phoebe felt compelled to take a test immediately after reading “Why Am I Sp Bad at Typign?” She wrote, “My first try was 82 wpm. I bet I could do better. I was 100% accurate though. I was being careful. I normally am not and make a lot of mistakes.” Not bad, Phoebe!
Loyal readers also appreciated the newsletter’s upcoming milestone and made suggestions to celebrate. Noting my still-nascent musical skills, Randy wrote, “I’m proposing an audience-requests-only piano tour to celebrate Issue #300.” I’ll be sure to get practicing!
Loyal reader and artist Matt also congratulated me on the achievement and hoped for the commission of large-scale public works of art. He wrote, “They’ve made a movie about 300. Maybe you could Photoshop your face over Gerard Butler’s in the 300 movie poster — and put a highlighter in the hand instead of a sword!” This is a fantastic idea. Anyone interested in making this a reality?
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