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#291: Wider Than The Sky

The Highlighter
Happy Thursday, loyal readers. Thank you for being here. Today I’m announcing “The Official Countdown to Issue #300.” No, I’m not sure what all of that means yet, but it promises to be exciting. I hope you’ll join me in the festivities! (Your ideas welcome.)
This week’s issue is quintessential Highlighter eclectic: You get a braided essay on love, an historical analysis on whiteness, a profile on a school run amok, and a personal reflection on typing. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on these pieces, so please hit reply and share.
If you have limited time to read this week, I highly recommend today’s lead article, “Wider Than The Sky.” In addition to being about love and death (two of my go-to topics), the piece is an ode to our brains. We might think we have free will, and agency, and consciousness, but our brains are big, and their 100 billion neurons will keep doing what they’re doing regardless — which is usually beautiful and amazing, unless or until it’s not.
+ Big gratitude to everyone who joined Article Club last Sunday to discuss Bill Buford’s “Baking Bread in Lyon.” Mr. Buford was great, but you were even better! Congratulations, Angelina, for winning the book, and thank you, Summer and Elise, for facilitating. I’ll be revealing May’s article this weekend. If you’re looking for a community reading experience that’s most likely less stressful and more enjoyable than your book club (no offense), you’ll like Article Club. (For the record: I love my book club.)

Wider Than The Sky
The Invention Of Whiteness
Hi there! This is me, in case we’ve never met. Thank you for being a loyal reader.
Hi there! This is me, in case we’ve never met. Thank you for being a loyal reader.
Going For Woke: How Brentwood School Became A Battleground In The Culture Wars
Why Am I Sp Bad At Typign?
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