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#287: Am I A Conditional American?

The Highlighter
You’ll be proud of me, loyal readers. I’m taking my first real vacation in more than two years. (Take that, capitalism!) It’s been great to get away, rest, and reflect. As this newsletter approaches its sixth year and 300th issue, I’m feeling extra grateful for your readership. (Should there be a big celebration, once it’s safe, to commemorate the milestone?)
This week’s issue spans a variety of topics, in typical Highlighter fashion. The lead article, “Am I A Conditional American?” explores a Korean American woman’s experience with anti-Asian hate. After that probing piece, you’ll find an interview about death, a travelogue about teeth, and a reflection on the superior navigational abilities of animals. Please enjoy!
+ Article Club was a big success again last weekend. We discussed Francesca Mari’s “A Lonely Occupation,” an outstanding piece about gentrification. It was possibly the deepest conversation we’ve had. The only problem is that some of you weren’t there. If reading great articles and making new friends sound intriguing, we’d love to have you. Plus I have good news: This month, we’ll be discussing “Baking Bread In Lyon,” one of my favorite articles from last year, and author Bill Buford will be joining our conversation (and maybe judging our sourdough).

Am I A Conditional American?
This Mortal Coil
Bo, who belongs to loyal reader JoLynn, contemplates how best to spend the day. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
Bo, who belongs to loyal reader JoLynn, contemplates how best to spend the day. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
Molar City
Why Animals Don’t Get Lost
+ Reader Annotations: Last week’s lead article, “The Stories I Haven’t Been Told,” sparked strong emotions in many of you. VIP Lopez loved the piece and wrote, “I want to hear more from Jamie Figueroa, that writing was exciting. Having two sisters and a very single mom, I related so much to this article it was scary, and I’m Puerto Rican. I really hope you get her in for Article Club.” I’ve already emailed Ms. Figueroa to join us, and if she says yes, you’ll be the first to find out!
Loyal reader Kibos expressed her appreciation for “A Letter to My Fellow Asian Women Whose Hearts Are Still Breaking.” She wrote, “Thank you for choosing the article by R.O. Kwon and for particularly highlighting the voice of Korean women.” The murders were horrific, and my hope is to find more pieces like Ms. Kwon’s that might be helpful and supportive.
Given that everyone faces a cavalcade of email, it’s heartwarming to hear when you’ve appreciated receiving the newsletter. Loyal reader Johanna wrote, “I love your friendly, warm, interested voice that you use in the newsletter. :) It’s one of my fave emails to get every week!” Thank you, Johanna!
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