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#285: What Black Schools Mean To Black Kids

The Highlighter
Good morning, everyone. Thank you for being here. As schools begin to reopen, one full year after they closed, I’m finding more well-written pieces about education. This week’s lead article, “What Black Schools Mean To Black Kids,” questions the value of integrated schools and celebrates learning environments where Black children are put at the center. The second article eviscerates and excoriates private schools and suggests that maybe we should eliminate them altogether. Educators and parents, I’d love to hear your thoughts on both.
After the pet photo break, you’ll find an outstanding podcast episode featuring the transformation of a protester-turned-politician. Then to round off this issue, please enjoy something entirely different: the story of a woman who communicates with animals and heals them. Never a dull moment at The Highlighter!
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What Black Schools Mean To Black Kids
Private Schools Are Indefensible
Licki Minaj, who belongs to VIP Michele, seeks forgiveness after doing something very, very bad. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
Licki Minaj, who belongs to VIP Michele, seeks forgiveness after doing something very, very bad. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
The Crow Whisperer
+ Reader Annotations: Last week’s issue elicited many reactions. Loyal reader and teacher Katherine shared her concern with “How First-Year Teachers Have Coped,” urging us not to normalize the expectation that beginning teachers should suffer as part of their teaching journey. She wrote, “Why do we feel like it’s OK for first-year teachers to feel ‘desperation?’ Is it just because we all did? Is it a type of hazing?” Great point, Katherine. Teaching should be joyful.
Other readers got the word out about last week’s lead article, “Coming of Age in a Pandemic.” Loyal reader and Art teacher Heidi (aka First Guest Ever on The Highlighter Podcast) wrote, “I shared the piece with my classes and my colleagues. So good! Thank you.” VIP Sivan wrote, “Thanks for making me cry with this one.”
I also appreciated reading your words of encouragement for the newsletter in general. Loyal reader Matt wrote, “Thanks for keeping this going during this crazy year. It was a nice part of my weekly ritual when everything else was up in the air.”
I’m very grateful for this reading community. Please keep reaching out and sharing your thoughts. All you need to do is hit reply and start typing!
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