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#283: Out There I Have To Smile

The Highlighter
Happy Thursday and welcome to March, loyal readers, and thank you for opening The Highlighter. In this week’s issue, you’ll find articles about the challenges of parenting, the finiteness of life, the distraction of class-based grievances, and the perils of revenge bedtime procrastination. Please enjoy!
In particular, if you like this kind of thing, I encourage you to read the articles in pairs (the first two, the second two), to see if you draw the same connections as I did. Seemingly unrelated articles, when read back to back, sometimes reveal intriguing insights. I’d love to hear what you glean.
+ Last Sunday, as part of Article Club, 20 of us gathered to discuss “How the Black Vote Became a Monolith” (#262) by Theodore R. Johnson. It was a great conversation. Thank you to everyone who participated, including loyal readers Elise and Sarai, who facilitated small groups. If you’re wanting to read more deeply and connect with other thoughtful people, check out Article Club.

Out There I Have To Smile
A Matter Of Life And Death
Peanut and Teddy, who belong to loyal reader Donna, are currently working on a book on friendship. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
Peanut and Teddy, who belong to loyal reader Donna, are currently working on a book on friendship. Want your pet to appear in The Highlighter?
Inside A Battle Over Race, Class, And Power At Smith College
Revenge Bedtime Procrastination Is Real, According To Psychologists
+ Reader Annotations: Loyal reader Susan loved last week’s lead article and shared her appreciation for its author. “I love Anna Deavere Smith. I have seen her in her plays at the Berkeley Rep, and miss so much going to see live theater with a message.” Thank you very much for reaching out, Susan. I also look forward to seeing Ms. Deavere Smith perform again in Berkeley once we’re all safe!
I hope you feel accomplished now that you have successfully completed yet another issue of The Highlighter. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought by hitting reply or by clicking on the thumbs below.
Also, let’s welcome Jane, Minna, Maya, and Alanya, our reading community’s four new subscribers. I hope you find the newsletter a solid addition to your email inbox. Also, thank you to loyal reader Caitlin for getting the word out!
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