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#274: The Best Articles of 2020 ⭐️ 🎉

The Highlighter
We did it, loyal readers. Somehow, despite this intense, grueling, unsparing year, our reading community has gotten stronger, thanks to your unwavering support. Thank you for coming back Thursday after Thursday, for reading the 200 articles I put in front of you, and for making this newsletter bigger and better.
Here are a few highlights from the year:
  • We grew by hundreds of new subscribers
  • Our esteemed VIPs doubled and our coffee supporters tripled
  • Article Club launched (and it’s pretty great) with Jia Tolentino, Paul Tough, Hafizah Geter, and other great authors
  • Now there’s a website, a store, and a game show!
Now it’s time to reveal the best four articles of the year: my favorite three, followed by your favorite. Are you ready? Can you predict them? Do we need a fancy award ceremony? (Wait, this gives me an idea, actually.) I’m really pleased with this year’s winners. The selection process was rigorous. After scanning all 200 articles, I chose 18 semifinalists, reread them all, and then by equal parts sheer will and brute force, got the list down to the best of the best. They’re outstanding, and I hope you enjoy (re)reading them.
This is the last issue of 2020. Over the next few weeks, amid all the hubbub of the holidays, I plan on reading, resting, and reflecting, and I hope you are able to do the same. Thank you again, and see you in a few weeks!

What Is Owed
Lost In Summerland
Baking Bread In Lyon
On Witness And Respair
Were my favorite articles your favorite ones, too? Or would you like to stage a protest? Please vote using the thumbs below. Or hit reply and tell me your thoughts. Also, thank you for reading this week’s issue of The Highlighter — and for reading The Highlighter all the year through. I hope you enjoyed it.
Also, let’s welcome our reading community’s two new subscribers, Rabani and Terri. I hope that you find the newsletter a solid addition to your email inbox. Also, thank you, loyal reader Minnie, for spreading the cheer.
If you like The Highlighter, please help it grow. I appreciate your support! Here are a few ways you can help:
On the other hand, if this newsletter does not delight you, please unsubscribe. See you in the new year — Thursday, Jan. 7, at 9:10 am, to be exact!
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