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#268: 4 Things For Right Now

Loyal readers, I hope you are taking good care of yourself as our divided country awaits the result o
The Highlighter
#268: 4 Things For Right Now
By Mark Isero • Issue #276 • View online
Loyal readers, I hope you are taking good care of yourself as our divided country awaits the result of our presidential election. It is a stressful, anxious time. Please reach out if you want to talk.
Some of you might be hankering for articles with perspectives on the election, and others might prefer the exact opposite. Though I’m sure thoughtful articles will emerge soon enough (as they did four years ago), this week, I’ve decided to try something different. Rather than sharing the usual fare of outstanding articles on race, education, and culture, I’m offering resources and organizations for you to check out instead. They’re good, solid projects involving good people. (You’re already part of one of them!) These resources are meant to inspire you to do something with the emotions that you’re possibly feeling, rather than spending your days and nights doomscrolling. I hope you find at least one of them valuable — and if you do, please let me know! I’d love to hear more.
Before you jump in: I’d like to appreciate loyal readers Trevor, Allison, Erin, Sage, and Lynn for reaching 200 issues. I’m grateful for your readership and your efforts to encourage other thoughtful people to try on this newsletter. Thank you!

Listen For A Change
Black Futures Lab
Barnraisers Project: White People Organizing Against White Supremacy
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