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#246: No One Is Coming To Save Us

Thank you very much, loyal readers, for opening today’s issue of the newsletter. This week, Bryan Ste
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#246: No One Is Coming To Save Us
By Mark Isero • Issue #252 • View online
Thank you very much, loyal readers, for opening today’s issue of the newsletter. This week, Bryan Stevenson said, “We have never honestly addressed all the damage that was done during the two and a half centuries that we enslaved black people. The great evil of American slavery wasn’t the involuntary servitude; it was the fiction that Black people aren’t as good as white people, and aren’t the equals of white people, and are less evolved, less human, less capable, less worthy, less deserving than white people. That ideology of white supremacy was necessary to justify enslavement, and it is the legacy of slavery that we haven’t acknowledged. This is why I have argued that slavery didn’t end in 1865, it evolved.”
This week’s articles center the ideas and lived experiences of Roxane Gay, Ibram X. Kendi, A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez, and Nikole Hannah-Jones. My hope is that you find the pieces valuable for possible reflection, conversation, and action.
+ I’m hosting a small gathering tonight if you’re interested in connecting with other thoughtful members of our reading community. It’d be heartwarming to see you there. Reply if you’re in, and I’ll email you the Zoom link. Bring a beverage of your choice. We’ll begin at 5:30 pm PT and be in dialogue for an hour or so.

No One Is Coming To Save Us
The American Nightmare
The Unbearable Grief Of Black Mothers
Grief That White Americans Can’t Share
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