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#233: Miranda’s Rebellion

The Highlighter
Happy Thursday, loyal readers, and thank you for opening today’s issue of The Highlighter. This week’s lead article tells the story of a white Southern woman who questions her conservative beliefs. The second piece, “The Bible That Oozed Oil,” explores the power of those ideas. Read them as a pair and let me know what you think! If religion isn’t for you, skip past the fold, where you’ll find two more outstanding articles: a funny-serious essay about corporate language and a serious-serious essay about remembering a loved one. Enjoy!
+ Join March’s Article Club! I’m happy to announce that we’re reading and discussing “The Crane Wife,” by CJ Hauser, voted one of last year’s best articles. Ms. Hauser is going to join our discussion and answer our questions! Get more info and sign up here.
+ If you’ve been waffling on whether to attend tonight’s Highlighter Happy Hour, waffle the right way and please join us!

Miranda’s Rebellion
The Bible That Oozed Oil
CJ Hauser, author of “The Crane Wife,” this month’s Article Club selection, will join our online discussion on Saturday, March 21. Want in?
CJ Hauser, author of “The Crane Wife,” this month’s Article Club selection, will join our online discussion on Saturday, March 21. Want in?
The Way We Talk At Work Is Garbage
How It Ends
+ Reader Annotations: Loyal reader Beth let me know she loved “Going The Distance To Catch Marathon Cheaters” (#231) and agrees it’s like Parasite, though she hasn’t seen the film yet.
Loyal reader Kati enjoyed “Quit The News Cycle” (#226) and reminds us there’s plenty of news out there; we don’t need more.
I got some pretty bad acid/ulcer situation right around the time of the inauguration. (I was also super stressed at work.) I thought it was a heart thing! It was then and there that I decided to stop constantly following NPR and NYT and only go there periodically for updates. My Instagram and Fb is full of flowers, puppies, old movies, and fashion. We don’t need to watch the news as often as we all do in this age of information.
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