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#223: The Best Articles Of 2019

The Highlighter
Thank you, Loyal Readers, for another great year! Our community of thoughtful readers continues to strengthen, and I am very grateful that you trust me to bring you outstanding articles week after week. Here’s 2019 by the numbers. Thank you!
  • 51 issues, 208 articles, ~67 hours of reading
  • 542 subscribers, 21 VIPs, 13 coffee connoisseurs
  • 4 HHHs, 172 joyful attendees, 4 grand prizes
  • 3 Pop-Up Article Clubs, 1 new Article Club
And now, it’s time to reveal the best articles of the year. Can you feel the excitement? Do we need a fancy award ceremony?
Before I announce the winners, here’s a bit about the selection process. From the 200+ articles, I chose 27 quarterfinalists (which I scanned again), then 11 semifinalists (which I read again). Then I consulted your favorite 10 articles of the year (a great list), just to make sure I wasn’t way off base. Finally, by brute force and sheer will, I landed on my favorite four articles of the year. I think they’re outstanding. My hope is that you’ll read them and enjoy them.
See you in the new year! I’m taking next week off.

America Wasn’t a Democracy Until Black Americans Made It One
Samantha, White Nationalist
Floppy wishes you joy this holiday season.
Floppy wishes you joy this holiday season.
Faith, Friendship, And Tragedy At A High School In Santa Fe, Texas
The Crane Wife
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