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#179: Health as Resistance

The Highlighter
We’re in the middle of an age of activism. Teachers are striking, women are marching, people are protesting. Many of us believe that resistance must involve an outward action against injustice. But this week’s lead article, which focuses on one strand of activism among American Indians, explores the power of an inward approach — where physical health and spiritual well-being are at the center. Please read it and let me know what you think!
Also in today’s issue, read great pieces on how to win the lottery, how not to found a school, and whether or not you should come out to your grandmother.
+ Before you start reading, here are a few quick shoutouts:

Resistance Training in Indian Country
Rich Techie Is Surprised When He Finds Out It’s Not Easy to Improve Education
Maeve, who belongs to loyal reader Molly, enjoys the adventure of a formidable sand dune. Nominate your pet for additional fame!
Maeve, who belongs to loyal reader Molly, enjoys the adventure of a formidable sand dune. Nominate your pet for additional fame!
Why I Won't Tell My Nonna I’m Gay
“The Lottery Hackers” Jerry and Marge Share Their Money-Making Secrets
+ Loyal Readers Respond: Last week’s article on sleep resonated with many of you. Maria, a strong sleeper, felt validated:
I really loved the article about sleep! I love to sleep and feel like I can’t function without it, but it has always felt like that’s abnormal. It’s not.
And Sharon reported that she no longer keeps her phone in the bedroom, thanks to the article. She wrote:
Love the readings you choose, but the one on sleep in this issue had me scared enough to change my sleep habits! Glad I read it during my lunch today!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Maria and Sharon. Loyal readers, I’d love to hear from you. Don’t be shy, hit reply!
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