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#161: The War on Fat People

The Highlighter
Hello Highlighters! Thank you for taking the plunge and opening this week’s issue. Today’s lead article, which focuses on our fat-shaming culture, explores how the worldwide obesity epidemic is not going to disappear by wishing fat people would go away. If that doesn’t interest you, I recommend Elizabeth Bruenig’s disturbing article about a young woman who bravely reports that she was raped — and about her friends and the authorities, who turn their backs on her.
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Everything We Know About Obesity Is Wrong
I’m a Teacher in America
Kodi, who belongs to loyal reader Crystal, sports his adventure bandana at Rodeo Beach in Marin. Get that adventure, Kodi!
Kodi, who belongs to loyal reader Crystal, sports his adventure bandana at Rodeo Beach in Marin. Get that adventure, Kodi!
A Girl Is Raped. Nobody Cares, Again.
Jet Lag Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag
Reader Responses: “Rich Teachers” (#159) has definitely struck a chord! It continues to elicit strong feedback. Loyal reader Denise writes:
I love that Erin voiced that she hates Teachers Pay Teachers for the SAME EXACT REASON I do!! I refuse to get on that website. Teachers, REGULAR TEACHERS should not ever HAVE to pay to get good content. I’m a fan of stealing. It’s no secret. I tell all teachers that the best teacher move is to steal steal, STEAL. Steal everything and anything. Get it off of Pinterest. Google it. Ask other teachers that teach the same content you do. However, the people with the money should ALWAYS pay the teachers.
Loyal reader Katherine offers an astute opposing view:
I LOVE Teachers Pay Teachers and follow a handful of my favorite “Teacher-authors” on Instagram. Two thoughts I have about this are: I love TpT because I’ll trust a teacher over a textbook company any day, and most teachers probably make a small sum from this work, and that probably makes all the difference for them in places where pay is atrocious. While that’s cool, what does it say about the value of our work? The age-old question.
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