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#143: The 79 Bus

The Highlighter
Happy Thursday, Loyal Subscribers! It’s time for some serious reading. This week’s articles run the gamut, offering perspectives on the criminalization of Black girls, the coca plant in Bolivia, and the demise of farmers in Kansas. If you’re pressed for time, I highly recommend “The 79 Bus,” which will elicit strong emotions.
Before we get to the articles, though, I’d like to say thank you to the 54 people who completed The Highlighter Reader Survey. I appreciated your feedback and ideas. A few nuggets: (1) 86% of you read the newsletter every week or two weeks! (2) 73% of you have recommended the newsletter to a friend! (3) Many of you want The Highlighter to become an article club, where there’s a greater emphasis on connecting with other readers. I can’t wait.
Raffle Winners: I’m pleased to announce that Kati (Fremont, CA) has won The Highlighter Mug, and Lisa (Henderson, NV) has won The Highlighter Tote. Congratulations! (Worried the raffle was rigged? No way. Here’s the official video.)

The 79 Bus
Twelve Years Old, and Out of Time
“Coca Is Not Cocaine.” Bolivia’s Quest to Spread the Gospel of Coca
“We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”
Loyal reader Nancy Jo gave last week’s issue a thumbs-up (thank you!) and had this to say:
I have been thinking about White allyship and the connection to education. As an educator of color, I often question the “why” of White educators who have chosen to teach in schools that serve students of color. What would it look like for White educators committed to social justice to teach in schools where the demographics are mostly White? Does White allyship look like intentional space for educators of color to teach in urban and “underserved” schools?
Thank you, Nancy Jo, for your thoughtful questions. Loyal readers, what do you think? Reply to this email to continue the conversation. (Maybe this is the beginning of an article club?)
The Highlighter #143 has sadly come to an end. Tell me what you thought by using the thumbs below! Also, let’s welcome new subscribers Amy, Amy (two Amys!), David, Stephanie, Ana, Pamela, and Ben. If you like reading this newsletter, please forward it to someone who might like it, too. Thank you for getting the word out! If it’s not a great match for you, please unsubscribe. I’ll see you back here next Thursday at 9:10 am. Have a great week!
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