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Intuition Machine - Issue #58

Intuition Machine
Intuition Machine - Issue #58
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Welcome to the weekly newsletter of Deep Learning AI and Blockchain Convergence. We hope that this newsletter will appeal to all those interested in Deep Learning developments and its relationship to decentralized consensus architectures.  

Sustainable Deep Learning Architectures require Manageability
The Value of Understanding “Cognitive Sloth”
Google, Amazon, and Facebook Owe Jürgen Schmidhuber a Fortune - Bloomberg
Apple and Its Rivals Bet Their Futures on These Men’s Dreams - Bloomberg
The Space of Possible Minds |
It's Time to Stop Calling It 'Artificial' Intelligence |
AI, consciousness, science & art - Joscha Bach - YouTube
  If correlation doesn’t imply causation, then what does? | DDI
An Integrated Cognitive Architecture - YouTube
Drone Pilots' Paydays Drop 90% in 'Race to the Bottom' | IndustryWeek
How To Become A Centaur
Likelihood of discontinuous progress around the development of AGI – AI Impacts
Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny « Pete Warden's blog
Artificial Intuition : The Improbable Deep Learning Revolution
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Intuition Machine

Deep Learning AI and Platformization Strategy

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