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Intuition Machine - Issue #55

Intuition Machine
Intuition Machine - Issue #55
By Intuition Machine  • Issue #55 • View online
Welcome to the weekly newsletter of Deep Learning AI and Blockchain Convergence. We hope that this newsletter will appeal to all those interested in Deep Learning developments and its relationship to decentralized consensus architectures.  

Artificial Personhood is the Root Cause Why A.I. is Dangerous to Society
AI’s Symbol Grounding Problem and the Future of Work
Growing a Machine Learning Practice Inside a Large Financial Firm
IDEA – nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions
How artificial intelligence will transform how we gesture
Clues for Which I Search and Choose – arg min blog
MIT 6.S099: Artificial General Intelligence
Frontiers | Illusory Motion Reproduced by Deep Neural Networks Trained for Prediction | Psychology
Building Literate Machines with Dr. Adam Trischler - Microsoft Research
Understanding Deep Learning through Neuron Deletion | DeepMind Backing off towards simplicity - why baselines need more love
Style Transfer as a Service· Rodrigo Castro
Microsoft: FPGA Wins Versus Google TPUs For AI
Mini World of Bits benchmark
Artificial Intuition : The Improbable Deep Learning Revolution
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Intuition Machine

Deep Learning AI and Platformization Strategy

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