Intuition Machine - Issue #53





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Intuition Machine
Intuition Machine - Issue #53
By Intuition Machine  • Issue #53 • View online
Welcome to the weekly newsletter of Deep Learning AI and Blockchain Convergence. We hope that this newsletter will appeal to all those interested in Deep Learning developments and its relationship to decentralized consensus architectures.  

Artificial Intuition : The Improbable Deep Learning Revolution
The Building Blocks of Interpretability
Investigating Human Priors for Playing Video Games
Reptile: A Scalable Meta-Learning Algorithm
The Great AI Paradox - MIT Technology Review
Center for Humane Technology
AI Just Learned How to Boost the Brain's Memory | WIRED
Pandas on Ray - RISE Lab
Ubisoft's AI in Far Cry 5 and Watch Dogs could change gaming | WIRED UK
Low-cost EEG can now be used to reconstruct images of what you see | KurzweilAI
Notes from Coursera Deep Learning courses by Andrew Ng
A Less-Artificial Intelligence - MIT Technology Review
GitHub - onnx/onnxmltools: ONNXMLTools enables conversion of models to ONNX. Currently supports CoreML and SciKit
Queryparser, an Open Source Tool for Parsing and Analyzing SQL
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Intuition Machine

Deep Learning AI and Platformization Strategy

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