Intuition Machine - Issue #51





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Intuition Machine
Intuition Machine - Issue #51
By Intuition Machine  • Issue #51 • View online
Welcome to the weekly newsletter of Deep Learning AI and Blockchain Convergence. We hope that this newsletter will appeal to all those interested in Deep Learning developments and its relationship to decentralized consensus architectures.

How Artificial Intelligence Enables the Economics of Abundance
Why Decentralization Matters – Chris Dixon – Medium
The Deep Learning AI Playbook
Do our brains use the same kind of deep-learning algorithms used in AI? | KurzweilAI
Simple Alpha Zero
Attention Is All You Need, with Ashish Vaswani and Jakob Uszkoreit by NLP
Preparing for Malicious Uses of AI
Diversity is All You Need
The Policy of Truth – arg min blog
Inverse Reinforcement Learning Tutorial | part I | thinking wires
Numerical Optimization: Understanding L-BFGS — aria42
"Advances in Deep Neural Networks," at ACM Turing 50 Celebration - YouTube
Physics - Q&A: A Condensed Matter Theorist Embraces AI
Artificial Intuition : The Improbable Deep Learning Revolution
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Intuition Machine

Deep Learning AI and Platformization Strategy

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