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Intuition Machine - Issue #31

Welcome to the weekly newsletter of Deep Learning. We will be making a new change and pivot slightly
Intuition Machine
Intuition Machine - Issue #31
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Welcome to the weekly newsletter of Deep Learning. We will be making a new change and pivot slightly from the original focus of just covering Deep Learning. We will now cover both Deep Learning as well as its convergence with Blockchain technology.
We’ve come up away to organize the topics to appeal to the broadest of audiences. The more general topics always are at the top, while more specialized ones are towards the bottom. We hope that this newsletter we appeal to all those interested in Deep Learning developments and its relationship to decentralized consensus architectures.

Building a 50 Teraflops AMD Vega Deep Learning Box for Under $3K
PAIR: the People + AI Research Initiative
3-D Fractals Offer Clues to Complex Systems | Quanta Magazine
Imagine this: Creating new visual concepts by recombining familiar ones | DeepMind
Artificial intelligence better than scientists at choosing successful IVF embryos | The Independent
Disrupting the trust business
Writing with the machine

Research Blog: Using Deep Learning to Create Professional-Level Photographs
How to train, deploy and develop TensorFlow AI Models, SparkML from Jupyter Notebook to production
Non-Zero Initial States for Recurrent Neural Networks - R2RT
Get 10x Speedup in Tensorflow Multi-Task Learning using Python Multiprocessing
Why Does the Neocortex Have Layers and Columns, A Theory of Learning the 3D Structure of the World
GitHub - MorvanZhou/PyTorch-Tutorial: Build your neural network easy and fast
GitHub - kundajelab/dragonn: A toolkit to learn how to model and interpret regulatory sequence data using deep learning.
The Deep Learning Playbook
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Deep Learning AI and Platformization Strategy

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