The Intelligence Effect

Updates on how artificial intelligence and robotics are affecting jobs

Updates on how artificial intelligence and robotics are affecting jobs

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The Intelligence Effect





The Intelligence Effect - Issue #12

🙂 OpenAI has developed a system that's better at detecting sentiment in Amazon reviews that previous approaches.🙊 Machine translation of speech usually requires transcribing the speech first before translating it - but Google have managed to train AI to trans…


The Intelligence Effect - Issue #11

🔇 Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed technology that can identify coded hate speech in tweets 80% of the time.💡 Researchers at Stanford are working on artificial synapses that have the potential to massively reduce the amount of power A…


The Intelligence Effect - Issue #10

Conflicting views from different sides of the Atlantic this week: PwC say a third of British jobs are at risk of automation by 2030, while Trump's administration say they're "not worried at all" about AI taking people's jobs. But who to believe?


The Intelligence Effect - Issue #9

DeepMind can now ‘remember’ strategies used to solve previous problems and apply them to new ones, although at a cost to performance. Whilst still at an early stage, this “continual learning” is based on 'synaptic consolidation' which has been described as th…


The Intelligence Effect - Issue #8

👄 Baidu announced a new system that can synthesise speech from text in realtime. This kind of system will be a major part of any robot worker of the future that has to interact with humans.⚖️ AI is now better than human judges at predicting whether defendants…

#7・ / The Intelligence Effect - Issue #7

🤖 New video emerged of Boston Dynamics' wheeled robot that can jump over obstacles. It's easy to see how this could end up being a game-changer in delivery, the military and lots more.🎮 It might sound frivolous, but AI now beats humans at Super Smash Bros. Th…

#6・ - Issue #6

⛵️ Rolls-Royce plan to release their first autonomous ships by 2020. Most of the discussion around autonomous travel has focused on cars, but automation is going to affect the entire transportation sector.

#5・ - Issue #5

🚘 Ford announced that they're spending $1BN on self-driving cars.🍌 Online retailer Ocado are trialling robotic arms that can pack fruit without bruising it.💵 Sentient Technologies is a hedge fund that's run by AI.

#4・ - Issue #4

🇨🇳 Robots have taken over in this Chinese factory, and it's having a serious effect on productivity.

#3・ - Issue #3

⚛️ Scientists have made a breakthrough that should let them build a large-scale quantum computer within a decade.✅ Top AI researchers have agreed on a set of principles aimed at making sure the AI we develop is a force for good.❌ NSFW: Motherboard warns about…


Work 2.0 - Issue #2

In his final interview as President, Barack Obama (🙌) reiterated how important it is that US politicians start thinking about how automation will affect jobs.


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