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Unique Investment Ideas - Insanely Useful Websites - Issue #5

Insanely Useful Websites
Insanely Useful Websites
This is the 5th edition of the Insanely Useful Websites Newsletter.
A very warm welcome to the 127 people joining us this week. 👋
Every week, we showcase 3 insanely useful websites, products and apps we discovered and think you’ll find useful.
We might also recommend other helpful tools, books and articles from time to time.
Before we begin, a quick shoutout to our sponsor for this issue -
This issue is sponsored by Alts
This issue is sponsored by Alts
We all know stocks are a great way to grow your money. But they’re not the only way. That’s why we’ve been reading the Alts newsletter.
There’s more options now. Each week Stefan and Wyatt demystify new investment markets. NFTs, sports cards, and more.
New Useful Websites 👇
BudgetSheet is a Google Sheets Extension that automatically imports all your bank transactions into any Google Sheet so you can budget any way you want. No more manual exports or copying & pasting from CSV files!
Use this website to find out what time it is anywhere in the world! Insanely useful if you’re trying to schedule a meeting with people in different time zones.
Stretchly is an open source app that reminds you to take breaks when working on your computer. Stretch, take some deep breaths, rest your eyes.
Useful Tweets 👀
Jaisal Rathee
A super simple idea to reset your mind, body and soul. I guarantee it👇

Get outside and go for a walk during the day.

Leave your phone behind.

No work
No music
No audiobooks
No podcasts (sorry @myfirstmilpod)

Learn to be alone with your thoughts and enjoy the fresh air.
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Insanely Useful Websites
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