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The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #9

The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #9
By Ayush🙏 • Issue #9 • View online
Hey Folks👋
What’s up.
Change in programming from this week.
I’m experimenting with sending this newsletter on Mondays.
Seems like a good day to reflect on the last week, and also I’ll have less work on Sunday😅
Today we look at -
  • The Twitter Algo
  • Freelancer to Agency to SaaS
  • 2 Months of going solo
  • And my Best Tweets of the week (Dabbling in short form video)
All in less than 3 minutes.
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Now, let’s Go👇

The Twitter Algorithm
The Twitter algorithm is weird. Hard to understand and work with.
Yet, if you’re trying to build a presence here, it’s important that you try to make as much sense of it as possible.
Michael posted an interesting thread last week about how he is trying to systematically understand the algo. And use that knowledge to grow on the platform.
Interesting read -
Michael Greenberg
I started over on Twitter when I already had over 9000 followers... Why?

My old account was a zombie - no hope of revival.

I'm building a playbook based on 24,568+ tweets, 22,000,000+ impressions, and 6 months of research.

Let's break down the Twitter Algorithm 👇👇👇
Freelancer to Agency to Saas
This is a legit path to building wealth.
If you’re a freelancer, once you start doing well, you must look to turn your business into an agency.
And once that starts to work, you should codify the repetitive tasks into a Software as a Service product.
I myself want to follow this path as an indie creator and freelancer.
Last week, I wrote about Molly Wolchansky, who is taking this approach and thriving with her SaaS.
About to reach $10K MRR.
Check out her story -
Freelancer's path to building a SaaS with $10K MRR 🏡| Agent Nest
2 Months of going solo
It’s been 2 months since I quit my full time job and went solo. It’s been an fun and fulfilling adventure.
I’ve resolved to reflect on my journey every month.
So I just wrote a 2nd month review here, if you’re thinking of taking the leap yourself, and quit your full time job, it might help to know that I’ve survived 60 days😅
Ayush 🙏
Right, so it's been 2 months.

60 days of being a freelancer, consultant, solopreneur.

It was very hard initially, but getting easier by the day.

With new client work, my runway has increased to 26 months now!

Most of the challenge is in my mind -
Looking Back👀
My best Tweets of last week -
Ayush 🙏
Trying out something new.

Dabbling in Video Twitter.

Embracing imperfections, inspired by @craigburgess

Coz life is not perfect, we are not perfect, our creations are not perfect.

And this video is so not perfect🙈
I started with Video Twitter. And people seemed to like it😅
As a creator, I am doing this to push myself, get my creative juices flowing. I felt like I was getting too comfortable with writing. And a new medium would help me get a bit uncomfortable.
And it was so uncomfortable. It took to 10 attempts to get that 90 second video right.
But I want to do this more, will probably release a video every 1 or 2 days.
Let’s see.
Time's Up⌚
That’s it I guess, that’s my 3 minutes.
Let me know what you thought of this issue.
And also what kind of content would you like to see more of in the future?
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