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The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #6

The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #6
By Ayush🙏 • Issue #6 • View online
Hey Folks👋
Hope you’re doing good.
Welcome to your weekly dose of insights and ideas to crush it in the creator economy.
Today we look at -
  • Crucial insight for indie creators.
  • Benefits of building in public.
  • The story of Hypefury - the Twitter growth tool.
  • And my best Tweet of the week.
All in less than 3 minutes.
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Now, let’s Go👇

Kevon's Insight🤗
As a creator, your uniqueness will be your biggest value prop. Kevon Cheung knows this better than anyone else.
I have massive respect for what he is doing with his community - Public Lab, and his upcoming course - Showing Up Right!
Listen to Kevon, figure out what makes you “You”, it’s how the world works -
Kevon Cheung 🥦
Many good singers in a contest and the winners always have something different in them:

✅ Unique voice or technique
✅ Quirky or likable personality
✅ Life experience

It's like everyone creates products. Your idea won't make you a winner, "you" need to be different in ur way.
Benefits of building in public
I’m setting up a Ghost based site for my other newsletter - Listen Up IH.
I’ve tried other platforms like Wordpress, Substack and Revue before.
So this Friday I wrote a thread listing down the pros and cons of all the platforms I’ve tried so far.
Turns out people loved it, and some people even suggested a couple of other platforms to try out.
This is the biggest benefit of building in public.
You share your learnings with community and the community comes around to help you out in your goals.
Whatever you’re building, make sure you build in public, that’s the most authentic way to have a presence on Twitter.
Here’s the thread btw -
Ayush 🙏
I'm setting up a @Ghost site for my newsletter Listen Up IH

Its past 1300 subs now, I figured high time it had a separate identity.

(beyond the Indie Hackers website)

A short thread on the pro/cons of all the blogging platforms I've considered -

The Story of Hypefury🦅
Hypefury is a Twitter growth tool. I’ve used it before to schedule Tweets and threads. I think it’s fantastic.
This week I wrote a piece about its founders - Samy Dindane and Yannick Veys.
It’s a classic indie maker/creator story.
They started it to address just one pain point, built the MVP in 3 days and put it in hands of people.
Got feedback, improved, doubled down on growth and in two years they are doing more than $23K in monthly recurring revenue.
Read on -
  • Ideas + Insights + Inspiration
  • Growth channels
  • Related trends and opportunities you can capitalize on📈
Flying past $23K MRR in 2 years🦅 | Hypefury
Looking Back👀
My best tweet of the week -
Ayush 🙏
"It’s really, really simple. I’m kind to people and I think about people first."

That's how @rosiesherry gets people to care deeply about her community

There's a ton of wisdom to be gained from Rosie's experience

A short thread for all community managers🧵

I wrote a thread about an earlier blog post I had written about Rosie Sherry and community building.
3 lessons from this -
  1. Repurpose old content as threads.
  2. When you add value and speak about influential people, they will amplify your voice (thanks Rosie🙏)
  3. Leverage ongoing trends and hashtags, in this case it was the #100DaysOfCommunity.
I had something interesting to add to the convo, I had already written about it before, so I just reused it.
And people liked it.
It’s a win-win🤗
I want to keep doing that week in, week out.
Time's Up⌚
That’s it I guess, that’s my 3 minutes.
Let me know what you thought of this issue.
And also what kind of content would you like to see more of in the future?
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