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The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #3

The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #3
By Ayush🙏 • Issue #3 • View online
Hey Folks👋
Hope you’re having an awesome weekend.
Welcome to your weekly dose of insights to crush it in the creator economy🎨
Today’s issue is about creators who are just getting started.
We will look at -
  1. A Video on how to start out as a creator in 2021
  2. A Thread on how to define your goals
  3. A Tweet about how to build an audience
  4. A Visual about what a time to be alive this is
  5. My cheat sheet of 25 Twitter prompts and templates
And a look back at my best Tweet of the week.
And it won’t take more than 3 minutes⏲
So let’s go🔥🔥🔥

Ali Abdaal's Advice🤗
Ali Abdaal is one of my favorite indie creators.
He is a very successful productivity YouTuber.
He made a video about how will he start if he lost everything today - including his audience.
His approach?
  • Learn a skill
  • Work for free permissionlessly
  • Turn it into a paid gig
  • Productize the service
  • Build products
And do it all while sharing his journey on YT or Twitter.
#BuildInPublic right!
I am doing a version of this myself, and I think this is the best approach you can take when you’re starting out.
Watch the video, listen to the great man -
I LOST EVERYTHING - How to Start a Business from Scratch
I LOST EVERYTHING - How to Start a Business from Scratch
How to define your goals🎯
As a creator, what is your goal?
Is to create content?
That’s not a goal, that’s the method.
You need to figure out your goal and work backwards.
Read master newsletter writer Josh Spector explain in this short thread -
Josh Spector
My advice to a creator who said her goal was to create content and courses:

Creating content isn't a goal - it's a tactic you can use to accomplish a goal.

Start with a specific end result and work backwards to figure out how best to achieve it.

For example...
My goal - help other indie creators build a presence on Twitter.
Curate timeless wisdom that helps all of us get clients, productize our services and build products that generate passive income.💸
How to grow📈
Matthew Kobach has very practical advice on how to start and grow on Twitter -
Matthew Kobach
Here’s how I very deliberately built my Twitter following when I first started:

1) Tweeted at least twice a day
2) Wrote succinctly
3) Only tweeted about content, marketing, or creativity

Grow your audience by being consistent, easy to read, and niche.
What a time to be alive🤩
2021 is perhaps the best time to be an indie creator.
The creator economy is just taking off, and rest of the economy is just realizing this.
And everyone wants a piece of the pie🍰
Take a look at this -
25 Tweet prompts and templates
Right, last week I posted this -
Ayush 🙏
Sunday Confessions😅

I have a Notion document with templates of Tweets I write.

Once a week I sit and fill out those templates.

And put them in a scheduler.

And they appear in your TL

Like this one🤫

And I got countless DMs and replies asking for this document.
Well, this week I tidied it up a bit and shared it with the folks who asked.
You can grab it here from my Notion -
Hope it helps🤗
Looking Back🔙
My best tweet of the week?
This one -
Ayush 🙏
Simple Reading Tip📖

Before you start a book, just listen to the author on a couple of podcasts.

Get to know the author's voice.

Build a tiny bond with them🤗

You'll learn a lot more from the book.
Almost got 2k impressions with this one, which is not very common for an account my size.
It worked because -
  • Everyone knows the value of books
  • Everyone wants to read more books
  • Everyone realizes most modern books can be just blogs or podcasts🤷‍♂️
Am I right!
I think its a relatable Tweet. Tell me if you can think of some other reason.
I am stopping the prediction thing now. I am not going to share an upcoming Tweet today, coz I think I jinx them, the ones I share here are the worst performing ones🙈
I’ll go now.
Hope you found value, let me know!
Important Housekeeping🧹
I’d appreciate the warmth and coziness of your primary inbox😇
Make sure you move me there.
Did you enjoy this issue?

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