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The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #13

The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #13
By Ayush🙏 • Issue #13 • View online
Hey there👋
What’s up!
Hope you’re doing good.
Today we’re talking about -
  • Patters of a good Tweet
  • Reflecting in Public
  • The value of entrepreneurship
  • My best tweet of the week. (And how I went viral🔥)
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Now, let’s go👇

Formula for a successful Tweet✍️
I’m a big fan of Alex Lull on Twitter, been following him for a while. He’s an inspiration for all indie creators.
This week he wrote a valuable thread about how to write great Tweets.
I try to abide by these rules in my own Tweet writing as well.
Check it out, this is the TLDR version of the 10 Tweet thread -
Alex Llull 🕵️‍♂️
@Julian TL;DR - Ten good tweet patterns

1. Concrete
2. Helpful
3. Triggering
4. Easy to read
5. Trendy
6. No need for context
7. Relatable
8. Novelty
9. Attention-grabbing
10. Gives "status"
Reflecting in Public
Today marks 90 days of me quitting my full time job and going solo. I try to write a monthly reflective thread every month around the 16th-17th.
This time I went a bit deeper, as it was a 3 month anniversary. I’m not used to such open reflections, let me know what you guys think. Will stop doing them if it’s too much -
Ayush 🙏
Working for yourself isn't hard or easy.

It's complicated

Been 90 days since I quit my corporate job

Looking back - I have mixed feelings about the whole thing

The decision was right, but it's impact hasn't been all as I had expected.

The good, bad and ugly of going solo -
The Value of Entrepreneurship
Last week I had written about the value of side-projects. Got a lot of praise for that post.
So this week I continued on the theme.
I think side-projects naturally lead to an entrepreneurial mindset. Wrote a short post about it, check it out if you’re already working on side projects -
My Best Tweet of the week👀
I legit went viral with this Tweet🤩
Ayush 🙏
A startup with revenue has a 100 problems.

A startup without revenue just has 1
At the time of writing this Tweet has more than 200,000 impressions. That’s crazy.
I was even trending in the “startup” topic on Twitter.
Ayush 🙏
Look ma, I made it 🎖️

The Twitter gods have showered their blessings😅
I’ll let you in on a secret, I had been trying to do this for a while. I noticed a bunch of Tweets going viral in the “startup” topic for many days, and those Tweets just had the word “startup” in them.
Not sure how the Twitter algo determines if a topic is good enough to be trending under a topic.
But I wanted to give it a shot, coz it can lead to a ton of more impressions, followers and opportunities.
So I started tweeting a lot more with the word “startup”. Also included the word in my Bio🤷‍♂️
Had at least 3-4 such tweets every week. Most of them got below average attention.
But this one took off insanely.
I still don’t know whey😅
But hey, I’m all about taking educated shots. So if there’s a topic you want to trend under, try this -
  • Include the word in your BIO
  • Write 1 Tweet every day on that topic.
  • And make sure the Tweets are really good🤷‍♂️
Let me know how it goes.
Time's Up⌚
That’s my 3 minutes with you this week.
See you next week.
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Anywhere else is really pointless, might as well unsubscribe🤷‍♂️
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