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The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #12

The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #12
By Ayush🙏 • Issue #12 • View online
Hey there👋
What’s up!
Hope you’re doing good.
Testing out different times of the week for this newsletter, last week I sent it out on Wednesday out of compulsion, and the open rates jumped up.
So I am going to play around with the time and day a bit.
If you write a newsletter, make sure you do this, don’t listen to the “experts”, find out what works for YOU.
Anywhoo, today we’re talking about -
  • Core creator concepts
  • A simple way to grow on Twitter
  • The value of side projects
  • And my best Tweet of the week!
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Now, let’s go👇

Core Creator Concepts😇
I’m a big fan of Josh Spector. He’s a writer, copywriter, email marketer.
Most of all, he’s an indie creator.
He is an expert in newsletters but his insights work across domains and industries.
He has a long running thread of core concepts for creators to build their audience and business.
I’ve devoured the thread multiple times, I think you’ll love it
Couple of my favorite Tweets from it -
Josh Spector
4. Attention is reciprocal.

The more attention you give to your audience, the more you’ll get back in return.

And the more attention your audience gives to you, the more they’ll expect back in return.
Josh Spector
20. There’s no one “right” path to success.

There are infinite ways you can succeed and the way you ultimately do will be unique.

So don’t get paralyzed searching for the right path.

Pick a path and figure out how to make it right for you.
There are 28 Tweets in there, go through each one -
Josh Spector
There are certain core concepts I find myself telling creators all the time to help them grow their audience or business.

Here they are…
Indie Grow💹
All of us need inspiration to stay active on Twitter, especially if we’re not Tweeting often and just starting out.
Engaging in interesting conversations is a good way to keep up with our Tweeting goals.
My friend Hua started a newsletter a few weeks back, where she shares 3 Tweets worth engaging with every day.
Do check it out -
indiegrow day #21 🌱

Want to make friends on Twitter? let's lurk less and talk more. 🍻

Here is a thread 🧵 of good conversations to chime in and comment 👇

#indiegrow #buildinpublic #tweet100 #indiehackers #startup
The Value of Side Projects💪
This week I wrote a short post about the importance of doing side projects.
If you’re a tinkerer like me I think you’ll realize how important they are. Almost everything I do these days is dabble in various side projects.
Broadly, I see 3 main benefits -
  1. Creative Expression 
  2. Learning to Ship
  3. Increasing the surface area of serendipity
Read the whole post as I explain my thesis -
My Best Tweet of the week👀
This one got 1800 impressions with a 5% engagement rate, so it was cool -
Ayush 🙏
1. 1000 Twitter followers
2. 1000 LinkedIn connections/followers
3. 1000 Email sign-ups

What's more valuable, and in what order?

I like Tweets that get more replies than likes or RTs, it means I’m able to generate interesting conversations and force people to think.
That’s my north star metric!
Also, regarding the Tweet, almost everyone agreed 3 - 1 -2, and had interesting insights to share for their answers. Do check them out.
Time's Up⌚
That’s my 3 minutes with you this week.
See you next week.
Some Housekeeping🧹
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Anywhere else is really pointless, might as well unsubscribe🤷‍♂️
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