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The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #11

The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #11
By Ayush🙏 • Issue #11 • View online
Hey there 👋
What’s up!
Hope you’re doing good.
Delay in programming this week, I was away with my family on a short trip.
My son turned 7, so we were all in a celebratory mood this week. Plus it’s Diwali is coming up, so don’t feel like doing any work😅
Anywhooo, let’s get to this week’s newsletter.
Today we look at -
  • Audience building tips
  • What does “meta” mean for the world
  • Some sales Wizardry
  • And my best Tweet of the week.
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Now, let’s go👇

Audience Building
We all want to build an audience, we look at people with large audiences we think it will be impossible for us to reach that stage.
That’s where journeys like Steph’s are so inspirational.
Steph Smith is a creator entrepreneur with a loyal and powerful audience.
And she has documented her entire journey over the years, right from when she was a small Twitter account dabbling in various projects.
Do check her story in this thread, I’ve bookmarked the photo in the 2nd Tweet, it’s too good -
Steph Smith
Someone recently asked how I built my audience.

I don't think they expected my response:

"Taught myself to code, coded 6 projects, wrote a successful blog, then a book, then a course, built/scaled Trends, created a pod, spoke on 50+ pods..."

Nothing worth having comes easy.
Zuck's going Meta
The metaverse was viral this week, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed his company’s name to Meta and laid out a bold vision for the company.
It feels a bit like Sci-Fi.
And it feels a lot creepy.
But I think it’s important for us to understand this concept. This thread from Shaan Puri is worth going through -
Shaan Puri
Hot take: Everyone is wrong about the Metaverse.

here's my 3 part theory..
Plus I watched Zuck’s entire video and wrote my notes on it as well. If you’ve got 5 minutes, you might like this article -
Sales Wizardry🧙‍♂️
This week I also wrote about a bootstrapped startup called Tuple.
It’s a pair programming app for macOS. It lets developers write code together remotely.
It’s a fascinating startup story, they had $8K in sales even before a product, and now post-pandemic they are doing “millions in revenue”.
Their founder Ben Orenstein had built up a decent audience over time, and he employed some sales wizardry to convert audience into customers.
Read Tuple’s full story -
$8,000 in revenue without even a product 💸| Tuple
My Best Tweet of the week👀
This one -
Ayush 🙏
So many people miss out on Twitter by thinking of it as a marketing channel.

It's so much more.

Sure you can find your customers here.

But you can also find mentors, collaborators, and peers.

And you can find friends!

This tweet kind of went viral last week, got close to 10k impressions and got me a bunch of followers as well.
This is something that most people in my Twitter bubble strong feel themselves.
So I was sort of re-iterating their sentiment, and looks like they enjoyed it.
Time's Up⌚
That’s my 3 minutes with you this week.
See you next week.
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Anywhere else is really pointless, might as well unsubscribe🤷‍♂️
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