The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #10



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The Indie Creator🎨 - Issue #10
By Ayush🙏 • Issue #10 • View online
Hey there 👋
What’s up.
Hope you’re doing good.
Welcome to your weekly dose of insights and ideas to crush it in the creator economy.
Today we look at -
  • Lifestyle first business
  • How to show up every day
  • A bundle of wins
  • And my best tweet of the week
All in less than 3 minutes.
Let’s Go👇

Lifestyle first business
Love this advice from Daniel Vassallo -
Daniel Vassallo
Take stock of what you already have: your skills, your interests, your connections, your spare time, your experience, your location, your perspective, your strengths, etc.

Then try to use what you already have to design a lifestyle that better matches your preferences.
This is basically how I try to design my life. My career as a consultant, freelancer, solopreneur is primarily focused on ensuring that I live a healthy lifestyle.
I try to avoid work that leads to poor emotional or physical health in the long term.
This is also why I quit my full time job a couple of months back. (if you’re new, check my pinned Tweet for more details)
Anti-Hacks to Show up daily
A lot of being a creator is showing up daily.
Every algorithm on the internet appreciates consistent content output. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or even Google.
As creators, we must keep running on the content treadmill. We need all the hacks and ideas we can get.
Read Ev’s thread for 10 interesting ideas. She consistently produced for 200 days😲
My favorite one is number 9 - Have some fun🥳
⚡️ Ev Chapman | The Daily Creator
After 10 years of being a wannabe creator I've 200x'd my creative output in 6 months with one simple hack 👇

I hit publish 200 times 😬

Here's 10 of my best anti-hacks for showing up daily as a creator👇🧵
A Bundle of Wins🏆
What’s better than a newsletter?
A paid newsletter.
What’s better than a paid newsletter?
A bundle of paid newsletters.
Last week I wrote about a newsletter bundle business called “Every”. Love the concept, it’s a win-win-win business model.
If you’re a writer, and if you write newsletters, do read this piece. I had a ton of fun reading and researching this piece -
Building A Winning Bundle🏆 | Every
My Best Tweet of the week👀
This one -
Ayush 🙏
I'm not much into follower count.


if you're starting from 0, this is an effective model -

0 - 600 - Be the "Reply guy" (Add to the conversation)

600 - 1500 - Be the Cheerleader (Amplify others) + Reply guy

1500+ - Share Value to your followers + Cheerleader + Reply guy
People like advice, but they really like it if it’s specific and actionable. That’s one way to “add value” on the internet.
Tell people specific details of how to do something, or how YUO did something.
Loved the responses I got on this Tweet.
Going to do this more in the future.
And this video Tweet did reasonably good as well. LMK what you think!
Time's Up⌚
That’s my 3 minutes with you this week.
See you next week.
Some Housekeeping🧹
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Anywhere else is really pointless, might as well unsubscribe🤷‍♂️
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