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🎨 The Indie Creator - Issue #1

🎨 The Indie Creator - Issue #1
By Ayush🙏 • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome and Thank You🙏
Hey friend👋
I’m extremely humbled that you signed up to this newsletter even before the first issue was published.
I hope I can live up to your expectations.
This newsletter is about indie creators and how they are using Twitter as their primary platform to have a presence.
I’ve divided it into sections you can easily skim within seconds.
But real learning happens when you go deep down rabbit holes and wrestle with the ideas yourself.
So make sure you do that.
Now, I’ve got you for 3 minutes, let’s go🚀🚀🚀

Nicolas Cole's Career
Cole is one of my favorite indie creators.
His Twitter threads are pure gold.
Do check it out this thread about his journey.
It highlights the depth and breadth of a successful creator’s career👇
Nicolas Cole
My 10-year Overnight Success Blueprint

I started writing online when I was 17 years old.

Today, I write 10,000 words per day (almost a book a week) and earn 100% of my income from writing or publishing-related ventures.

Here are the skills I had to learn to do what I do✍️👇
Some Twitter Advice
If you’re new to Twitter, this is probably the best advice you can get.
I’ve made some fantastic friends on Twitter, learned a lot from them, and even collaborated with them.
And Twitter did change my life😇
Listen to Andrew👇
Andrew (1/100) 🐥👋🏻 | Community Building
Forget about making your 1st dollar

Make your 1st friend on here and

Twitter will change your life
Content Creation🎨
Creativity is hard, and it takes a ton of effort to put out great content.
The best approach is to start creating a lot and iterate along the way.
Quality comes from Quantity.
This visual from Justin captures the ideas beautifully👇
Justin Moore | Brand Deal Coach
The key to creating good content?

Have a lot of bad ideas first.

Exceptional content is built on mountains of "meh" content.
I went viral this week🔥🔥🔥
I legit went viral this week.
I wrote a thread about quitting my full time job.
People rallied around with support and love💜
The first tweet has more than 123,000 impressions at the time of writing.
And I’ve received dozens of collaboration offers in DMs.
Feel humbled and blessed🙏
I’ve written more than 50-60 threads in the last 6 months, this one was the most successful.
3 quick reasons why I think it worked -
  1. It was told as the hero’s journey, the oldest storytelling technique in the world. Most iconic stories use it
  2. It was authentic and deeply personal.
  3. I had a small group of trusted friends who came around for support.
Point 1 and 2 don’t work without point 3.
That’s why, if you are new, focus on making friends on Twitter first.
And of course, it’s hard to predict which one of such threads will work, so it’s best to create many🤷‍♂️
Here it goes👇
Ayush 🙏
I'd always thought I would be a corporate slave till 60.

Make a shit ton of money and retire in peace.


Today I am 33, with 24 months of savings and some raw ideas.

And I'm quitting the corporate rat race to go solo.

This is my story -
The Week Ahead👀
I schedule most of my Tweets for the week in advance.
I am going to write them and add them to a queue right after this newsletter goes out.
Trying out an experiment here.
I am going to share one of the Tweets from my drafts today, and will share its results next week.
Real numbers and brief analysis of why it worked or didn’t work.
It will probably give you and me an idea of what can or cannot work on the platform.
So here it goes -
“We live in a world with abundance of information but scarcity of insight.
That’s a huge arbitrage opportunity.
Whatever be your domain, find ways to transform information into insight💡”
Keep an eye out for this one in your feed, and I’ll share it’s results next week.
Time's Up⌚
That’s my 3 minutes with you this week.
Do let me know what you think.
This newsletter is an experiment and I will keep iterating with the format and content to make it better.
Click on the thumbs up or down icon below.
And if you have minute, would love a response.
Just hit reply🤗
See you next week👋
Some Housekeeping🧹
I’d appreciate the warmth and coziness of your primary inbox😇
Make sure you move me there.
And thanks again friend 🙏
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