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Issue #10: Crazy Rich Indians

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Issue #10: Crazy Rich Indians
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Hello, everyone!
Our 4th video in the Past Continuous series is out. In this video, we talk about wealth inequality in colonial India … and how that continues till today.
The Tatas are a great example of a huge business family that got their start under colonialism. While we strive to emphasize that they’re an exception in the grand scheme of things, it’s essential nuance that is often missing when we say statements like “colonialism was bad”. More than anything, we want to get away from the “British exploited India” truism and start talking about how Indians are exploiting India. Back then and now!
(It’s mostly serious video but we couldn’t help but add one Lagaan reference. Apologies in advance.)
And we also want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments that they give us on YouTube or social media. Like this one from the YouTube comments section:
RJ Blitz: You cover every possible aspect of a topic which I’m sure entails meticulous research. Thank you for your hard work and such a beautifully done video.
It can often feel like we’re just creating things in a void and comments like this are what keeps us going. If you really enjoy this video and want to support us a bit more, please visit and help us pay our bills!
The India Ink Team

If colonialism was so bad, why did it so many Indians crazy rich?
If colonialism was so bad, why did it make so many Indians crazy rich? [Past Continuous - Episode 4]
If colonialism was so bad, why did it make so many Indians crazy rich? [Past Continuous - Episode 4]
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