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Issue #1: The Launch

India Ink
Issue #1: The Launch
By India Ink Team • Issue #1 • View online
Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first issue of the India Ink newsletter. Thank you so much for subscribing! Starting from this Sunday, we’ll send you one email every week which will contain the entire “Skim Version” of that week’s new article.
This issue just catches you up on any pre-launch content that you missed. When we launched on March 7th (after typical last-minute scrambling), we had been hard at work for one month - building the site and making our first set of articles and videos. So if you haven’t seen them, check them out below!
Also, as a part of the project, we’re trying to be as transparent as possible about how we’ve conceived and executed India Ink. This is a part of a philosophy of “building in public”. So every week, we’re going to give a short look behind the scenes into one aspect of the project that we think might be useful to anyone who might be interested.
The first such post, Hello World, talks about our goals and motivations and is available here!
The basic reason India Ink exists is because we like reading about history. It’s enjoyable – and it’s actually helped us understand ourselves and the current state of India. So we’re creating a project that we wished existed.
The next newsletter on Sunday will contain a sneak peak into either the process of summarizing history for the internet or the story of how we designed our interactive posts.
Thanks for learning with us!
India Ink Team

> Does the Indian Middle Class Really Exist?
Does the Indian middle class really exist?
Does the Indian middle class really exist?
(We spent an hour adding subtitles to the video today. One of the many things we’ll be learning as we go along.)
> From The Website:
Widow Remarriage Was Perfectly Normal In Most of India - Until The British Legalised It
Sati Was Abolished To Protect Religious Tradition, Not Women
How Tam-Brams Went From Being Scared Of Coffee To Owning It
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India Ink Team

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