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Techstars Startup Digest Tirunelveli (South Tamilnadu) - Issue #8

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Techstars Startup Digest Tirunelveli (South Tamilnadu)

Personalized newsletter which brings you the best and latest information and updates on startups and startup events, and aims to grow the startup ecosystem in India's southernmost region covering Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Kanniyakumari!

This week’s Newsletter features
  • Startup(s) of the Week
  • Entrepreneurs of the Week
  • Startup TN- Autonomous body of Government of Tamilnadu for Startups
  • Incubation Programs and Acceleration Programs
  • Workshop Corner

How a 24-year-old build the most successful D2C E Commerce brand of Kanniyakumari -Kumari Shoppy
It was not a daydream for Dheebin K a 24-year-old from Kanniyakumari to build the most successful D2C Brand from Kanniyakumari called Kumari Shoppy Kumari Shoppy an online D2C e-commerce brand from the Kanniyakumari district founded by Dheebin has been phenomenally growing with considerable traction of closely around 1 Crore INR in Revenue. It is the passionate Hardwork and dreaming beyond imagination that yields success for Kumari Shoppy. Building a brand like Kumari Shoppy was not easy as dheebin has to overcome hurdles, negative influences, and competitions that might prove big for a 24-year-old but the sheer resilience and passion won the laurels for Kumari Shoppy which is the favorite online D2C e-commerce brand of Kanniyakumari; Kumari Shoppy is competing with Big Brands like Amazon, Flipkart and Dheebin is focused on what he wanted to achieve. At Kumari Shoppy you could find hair combs to E-Bikes that have redefined consumer purchasing ethics and strategy. Kumari shoppy is going with consumer interests that redefine the D2C E-commerce industry. Dheebin is expanding Kumari Shoppy to all parts of Tamil Nadu and the next big thing of Kumari Shoppy is to deliver the goods ordered through Kumari Shoppy within 24 Hours. Retention of customers is another major milestone that KumariShoppy has been predominantly focussing. With Walmart’s interest in D2C brands of India massive Success of Kumari Shoppy is not so far. If Kumari Shoppy is growing big it’s only because of the passion to persist from its founder and his organized team to provide the best consumer experience. Visit to know more about what they sell online.
Entrepreneurs of the Week- Mr.Suresh Kumar of Pepul and Dr.Shyam Prasad Rajasekharan of Veg Route Agritech
Pepul a Social Media app from Tamil Nadu has taken the world by storm by its instant Verification status using Adhar; people loved Pepul not only because of the application but also the love they have towards Suresh Kumar @ Suresh Anna of Co-Founder of a Billion dollar company Mac App Studio; Suresh is an Inspirational Entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu who have beaten the odds and trusted passion, persistence, hard work and commitment that resulted in his fame and being loved by Entrepreneurs as he keeps on Builds a great people-first culture; Mr.Suresh Kumar is also an Iconic figure and an Inspiration for Many Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu and gets featured as Entrepreneur of the Week.
Dr.Shyam Prasad Rajasekharan is getting featured as the Entrepreneur of the Week for his passion for building sustainable Agripreneurship by leveraging the power of technology and supply chain fostering the growth of farmers on a Large Scale. Dr.Shyam is the founder of Veg Route Agritech Veg Route is an Agri Tech Fresh Produce B2C Supply Chain Platform Connects Farmers and Consumers; in a very short span of Time Veg Route was able to close good fundraising rounds because of the sheer determination, hard work and quality-first approach put forth by the founding team Shyam is a 26-year-old Entrepreneur dreams to be one of India’s Most efficient b2c supply chain platforms connecting Farmers and Consumers by involving varied processes and employing Technology now at 5 different cities across India. Shyam proves to be a real inspiration for many young entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who wish to land in Startup Ecosystem
Startup TN- Autonomous body of Government of Tamilnadu for Startups
StartupTN is an agency of the Government of Tamil Nadu, nurturing a benevolent entrepreneurial ecosystem in the State.StartupTN aims to achieve an innovative ecosystem in the state by joining hands with every stakeholder and helping them take the first step towards scaling their growth. if you are a startup from Tamil Nadu register here
Govt. Of TN budget for the Startup ecosystem
1. 30 Crore SC/ST Startup Fund
2. Regional Startup Hubs at Madurai, Tirunelveli, and Erode.
3. Iconic State Startup Hub in Chennai at a cost of 75 crores
4. Direct procurement up to 50 lakhs
5. Special consideration in procurement from SC/ST entrepreneurs.
6. Emerging sector seed fund of 50 crores
7. New Startup Policy
Mr. Sivarajah Ramanathan, CEO of TamilNadu Startup and Innovation Mission, is dynamic and Versatile and leads up the responsibility in building a greater and stronger Startup Ecosystem in TamilNadu, his Vision towards building a stronger ecosystem is been transcended with a clear vision and futuristic goals. The Golden Era for TN Ecosystem has begun!
Incubation Programs by ACIC Mar Ephraem Incubation Forum to promote Grass Root Innovators in Kanniyakumari District supported by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog,Govt.of India
About AIM
Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog is the Government of India’s flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country and was set up in 2016. Towards this end, AIM has taken a holistic approach to ensure the creation of a problem-solving innovative mindset in schools and creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurship in universities, research institutions, private and MSME sectors.
About ACIC
Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC) has been conceptualized to bring to focus the unserved and underserved regions in India in terms of idea generation, promotion of innovations and innovators at the grassroots level. ACICs will drive innovations catering to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by specifically harnessing and nurturing novel solutions for upliftment and sustainable transformation of the community and country at large.
About ACIC Mar Ephraem Incubation Forum
ACIC Mar Ephraem Incubation Forum is a non-profit community innovation centre established with the support of Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India, will be functioning at the campus of Mar Ephraem College of Engineering and Technology which is the host institution, with an objective of promoting and nurturing start-ups by offering community innovation training, providing technical assistance and necessary infrastructure in the incubation centre for harnessing the creative ideas and innovative thoughts of young entrepreneurs. This Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is having a good rapport with industries, institutions and social organizations. SPV has excellent facilities and dedicated technically qualified mentors in diverse domains. The objective of the ACIC program is to offer unique and incentivized solutions, which will encourage students, researchers or any individual/group of individuals to ideate and design novel innovative solutions for the communities. In order to meet up this purpose, the program offers the freedom to come up with innovative solutions under this program. The program would:
● Nurture innovators to ideate in areas of societal importance
● Deliver Design thinking process to spur creativity
● Provide an opportunity for everyone to innovate, ideate, and design solutions, irrespective of their age
● Inculcate community-oriented approach enabling innovative solutions through Community Tinkering lab facilities in the Community Innovation Center
● Enable Capacity building of emerging innovators in evolving technologies and designing their innovations from ideation to impactful solutions.
● Induce Partnerships with local industries/institutions in problem-solving through innovative offerings in terms of products, services, and processes and identify innovation challenges
● Involve Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to enable support for financial sustainability and encourage the participation of central agencies, PSUs, other legal entities etc. to mobilize resources for running the program
Community Innovator Fellowship Program
The Community Innovator Fellowship (CIF) is designed to nurture young and aspiring community innovators who are building indigenous solutions for local challenges. CIF aims to support their entrepreneurial journey by providing access to infrastructure, knowledge (SDGs, business and life skills), network and market. If you are a young innovator/entrepreneur working to resolve an existing challenge in your region through an enterprise, this fellowship is for you.
Benefits of CIF
·        Fellows who get selected for the fellowship program will get adequate knowledge through toolkits workshops and a digital learning platform
·        Fellows will get mentorship to build business acumen and sector expertise
·        To create an impression on community fellows will get local Mitra for on-ground community outreach support and solution validation
·        Fellows will also get access to the infrastructure of the host ACIC
·        Fellows may get financial help up to rupees 2 Lakhs.
Eligibility Criteria for a Fellow
The Community Innovator Fellow is an individual with an entrepreneurial mindset, with an idea to solve a community challenge through his/her enterprise.
Age                 -     18-35 Years
Education     -     At least a bachelor’s/diploma/degree holder in any
                            discipline from a recognized university
Distance from the community  –     Residential address within 30 km from ACIC Mar
                                                           Ephraem Incubation Forum
Literacy level –   English Language proficiency (Intermediate)
For Application
Community Innovator Fellowship  For Application
Community Innovator Fellowship For Application
Workshop Corner Powered by
Prototyping is an experimental process where design teams implement ideas into tangible forms from paper to digital. Teams build prototypes of varying degrees of fidelity to capture design concepts and test on users. With prototypes, you can refine and validate your designs so your brand can release the right products.
What is a website or app Prototype? A Guide to Prototyping - Justinmind
Idea Girl Competition to promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship Intellect among girl Students by Silverink Foundation To Apply click here
Idea Girl Competition to promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship Intellect among girl Students by Silverink Foundation To Apply click here
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